Lethbridge College Kodiaks


Kodiaks Athletics was built on a hunger for athletic prowess and academic excellence. Our history is dominated by championship wins, athletic awards and academic recognition. At Lethbridge College, success is not only defined by athletic performance, it is measured by academic achievement.

The Kodiak bear was chosen as our mascot to recognize our relationship with the University of Alberta. It was the approval of the University of Alberta that moved Lethbridge College from a vision into a reality. In the same family as U of A’s Golden Bear, the Kodiak truly represents the spirit of our athletics program.

Implemented by Athletics Manager Todd Caughlin, The Kodiaks athletics program is based on core beliefs represented by the Three Pillars:

  1. Academic Accountability – commit in the classroom. It’s you that controls your outcome.

  2. Athletics Excellence – leave it on the court, field and track competing the right way.

  3. Student-Athlete Experience – get involved! Support those that support you.

Our Kodiaks teams are actively involved in the community, through various volunteer initiatives throughout the season, athletes and staff pride themselves on giving back to the community that supports them.