Lethbridge — your UNESCO hub!

A City at the Heart of it All!

Welcome to Lethbridge — a thriving hub for adventure, agriculture, heritage, history, cuisine, and 200 km of trails that will keep your heart beating fast, and your soul stoking the coals of inspiration. Rugged Badlands, majestic Rocky Mountains, timeless Indigenous culture, and the freshest local produce — Lethbridge is a day trip away from 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is home to so many amazing local attractions.

Amazing Accommodations for every budget, delicious local Restaurants, incredible Attractions, Experiences, and Events, all in Lethbridge city limits; the place to discover all that Southern Alberta has to offer! Lethbridge sits at the heart of Canada's Premier Food Corridor! There's lots of local producers in the area, with restaurants creating new and innovative dining experiences! From Canada's Food Tours, to the Highway 3 Ale Trail, and the many events hosted in Lethbridge, there is something for everyone to Sip, Taste, and Explore in Southern Alberta!

Lethbridge — Your Hub for UNESCO World Heritage Sites!

Lethbridge is a day trip away from 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There's more than the city to discover when you stay in Lethbridge! From the awe-inspiring structures of Writing on Stone/ Áísínai'pi, to the prehistoric past of Dinosaur Provincial Park, there are hundreds of years of heritage waiting to be discovered.

Banner Image for the Sip, Taste, Explore! A Southern Alberta Agriventure. the Image features a black and white close up shot of a berry bush, with the script lettering logo and the tagline "Get a taste of Southern Alberta and Win Prizes" under the logo.

Sip, Taste, Explore! A Southern Alberta Agriventure!

Get ready to experience Southern Alberta like never before with Sip, Taste, Explore! A Southern Alberta AgriVenture! Sip, Taste, Explore! lets you discover fresh and local food, drinks, and agricultural experiences unlike anywhere else in Canada. Get your pass, check in at participating locations, and earn prizes!

Get a Fresh Taste of Lethbridge with Canada's Food Tours!

Find fresh flavours, vibrant colours, crisp texture, and true farm-to-fork experiences with Canada's Food Tours! Lethbridge is at the heart of Canada's Premier Food Corridor with some of the best growing conditions for countless fresh crops. Because of this, food in Lethbridge is unlike anything you've ever had.

Tourism Lethbridge Media Hub!

Check out the brand-new Tourism Lethbridge Media Hub! Whether you’re looking to get in touch with us regarding media opportunities and inquiries, access to images of Lethbridge and the surrounding area, or hosting an event in Lethbridge, you can find all the information and forms required here!

Indigenous Lethbridge

The City of Lethbridge rests on the ancestral land of the Blackfoot and Indigenous people of Canada. Lethbridge is in Treaty 7 territory as well as a part of the Métis Nation of Alberta, Region 3.

This land has sustained and supported the lives and culture of all Indigenous people since long before we began tracking our history. To learn more about the territory and how it supports the cultural and historical practices of the Blackfoot people of Canada, read Rebecca Many Grey Horses' article on the importance of this territory to Blackfoot culture.

Check out our Brews!

If farm to fork doesn't tickle your fancy, then why not try some of the incredible brews found in and around the city. Lethbridge being in the heart of Canada's Premier food corridor, also allows us to produce some of the best beers and brews in the city! Check out the Southern Alberta ale trail, which travels from medicine hat to the Crowsnest Pass and stop at three breweries in Lethbridge!


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