Detour from the ordinary

Detour from the Ordinary

Rugged Badlands, majestic Rocky Mountains, timeless Indigenous culture — Lethbridge is a daytrip away from 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Southern Alberta. Our city is a thriving epicentre of adventure, pulsing with culture, cuisine and 200 km of trails that will keep your heart beating fast; and your soul stoking the coals of inspiration. With accommodations for every budget, deliciously diverse restaurants, and indulgent amenities, Lethbridge is the place to hang your hat as you discover all that our incredible corner of Alberta has to offer.

Tourism Lethbridge commissioned local artists to design 6 beautiful travel posters of local attractions! Our local artist travel posters are available for purchase exclusively at our visitor centre — 2895 Scenic Drive S. Pick up yours today!

Plenty of stories to tell


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