Discover how to get to Lethbridge and get around the city once you're here. Find all the top travelling tips for RVers, drivers of electric vehicles, and cyclists below!

Centrally located in Southern Alberta, Lethbridge is the hub to 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, thriving Food Trails, the Highway 3 Ale Trail, and is home to unique attractions, plenty of shopping and dining!

Before hitting the road to choose your own adventure, be sure to check out road conditions on Alberta 511 – especially if you’re heading into the mountains or driving in winter.

Now, let’s see where these open Alberta highways will take you!

Getting to Lethbridge — Driving

Crowsnest Highway #3 — West to East

HWY 3 through the Crowsnest Pass is the southern route between British Columbia and Alberta. HWY 3 connects with the Trans-Canada Highway 1 in Medicine Hat.

A man and a woman are paddle boarding on a lake with a thick band of trees and mountain stands behind them. the paddle boards both of them are standing on are blue, as well as their life jackets. the man his wearing yellow swim shorts with a grey shirt and the woman is wearing black swim shorts with a red shirt.

Highway 5 — South

Highway 5 heads southwest to the Canadian Rockies. Follow it past prairie vistas to mountain views (and literally through the hamlet of Mountain View!) and you’ll get to:

  • Cardston — under 1 hour

  • Waterton Lakes National Park 1 hour and 45 minutes

  • Del Bonita border crossing — around 1 hour via HWY 62

  • Carway border crossing — around 1 hour via HWY 2

An interpreter giving a tour of the pictographs and petroglyph found at Writing-on-Stone

Highway 4 — South

Highway 4 heads southeast to the border crossing at Coutts, turning into the I-15 after Sweetgrass. At Milk River, we highly recommend a detour to one of the 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in our region: Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park.

a guide at ht head smashed in buffalo jump is scene pointing out something to his left while leading two people through the outdoor trail of the site.

Highway 2 — Queen Elizabeth II Highway — North

A part of the CANAMEX corridor, HWY 2 is the major north-south highway in Alberta and meets HWY 3 at Fort Macleod.

the exterior of the YQL Airport is pictured ons a sunny day, with sunlight casting a shadow on the interior. the exterior is a long rectangular glass box, with metal framing and a metal sign that says YQL on the upper right side of the front.

YQL — Lethbridge Airport

The Lethbridge Airport (YQL) is a quick 15-minute drive from the airport, located just south of the city, into downtown. Recently renovated, checking in and collecting your bags is very fast. You can fly to Calgary on WestJet.

a car is driving on the road through and area with a canola field and some deep overcast skies above.

Border Crossings Near Lethbridge

From what you can and can not bring to when the Border is opened and what to expect, crossing the border comes with many questions. We have you covered with our border crossing guide to help answer some of your questions and settle your nerves!

a truck is driving away from the camera and is pulling a trailer. the truck is silver and the trailer is white. in front of th truck is a farming compound and the mountain range featuring chief mountain. behind the truck is a large canola field.

Travelling by RV

Did you know that Lethbridge, Alberta is the first city you'll hit when you cross the US-CAN border from Montana into Canada? So whether you're heading north to reach Banff, heading west from Medicine Hat and onto BC, or east from the Crowsnest Pass towards Saskatchewan, Lethbridge is a great place to refuel your vehicle and your spirits!

Getting Around Lethbridge

Public Transportation

The Lethbridge Regional Park and Ride Parkade is the main hub for public transportation in the city. It's also a great place to park to explore Downtown Lethbridge.

A blue car is speeding past the crowds at Lethbridge's Street Machine Weekend inLethbridge Alberta. there is a woman in the back of the car waving at the camera.

Rent a Car in Lethbridge

If you fly into town and need to get around the city or explore our incredible region, these local car rental companies are here to help.

a family of four is biking in a neighbourhood road lined with trees and houses. the family is m moving past everything at a pace that leave the world around them tilting into a blur. Man leading the family with his daughter is wearing a dark brown shirt with navy blue shorts and is riding an olive green bike. the child is wearing a multi colour tank top and grey shorts, she is riding a grey bike with pink lettering. The child behind the daughter, the son, is wearing a grey shirt with beige shorts. the son is riding a bike that is black with grey and red details. behind all of them is the mother who is wearing a tan coloured shirt and grey shorts. the mother is also wearing a blue backpack.

Cycling in Lethbridge

Lethbridge has some great cycling opportunities. Check out our in depth blog post and related videos about bikes and cycling.

Map of Peaks to Prairies Alberta EV initiative

Electric Vehicles

The Peaks to Prairies initiative connects the Rocky Mountains to the prairies along Highway 3. With wind and solar energy, Southern Alberta is the heartland of alternative energy, and Lethbridge is at its hub.

Districts of Lethbridge

Along with a vibrant downtown core, there are 3 distinct areas of Lethbridge.

A couple is walking though the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden during  the night at the winter lights festival. the tree is lit with a string of red lights and the other lights and plants can be seen behind it.

The South Side, which is everything south of Highway 3 and east of the coulees. This includes most major shopping areas (like Costco), most hotels and the downtown core.

Downtown Lethbridge is home to a variety of chain and local restaurants, both major art galleries (SAAG and Casa) and the Park Place Mall.

The North Side, which includes everything north of Highway 3 and east of the coulees.

13th St. N. is the heart of shopping and dining on the north side, and features a few unique restaurants and cafes, as well as some big-box retailers and grocers.

The West Side encompasses everything west of the coulees and the Oldman River. You'll find grocery stores and other shopping, as well as the YMCA at Cavendish Farms Centre. The largest destination on the West Side is the University of Lethbridge. Visitors are welcome to explore the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery as well as its excellent sporting facilities like the Max Bell Aquatic Centre.

Like all of Lethbridge, you'll find great walking trails.