Biking in Lethbridge

June 10, 2021

Lethbridge is Full of hidden gems. One of those gems being the amazing bike culture that lives in our city! From the coulees to bike Boulevard; a quiet family ride to adrenaline-pumping jumps, Lethbridge has something for everyone!

Where to Bike

For those that love to ride, Lethbridge is a great place to be. No matter what your experience level or preferred riding terrain, Lethbridge is a cycle city with many choices.

From the coulees to paved paths there are so many amazing scenic places to ride no matter what type of ride you're looking for!

Great Places to Ride:

Where not to Ride:

Want to get some ideas of where to ride? Check out the video below to hear what some of the locals had to say.

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What To Ride

Lethbridge has so many places to go cycling. We've got great city parks, the coulees, unique skate and bike parks, a vast interconnected trail system, and even a bike boulevard. Lethbridge is also a regional hub for some great road riding. There  really is something for every type of rider.

Types of bikes

  • Mountain Bikes

  • E-bikes

  • Road Bikes

  • Kids Bikes

  • Cruiser Bike

  • Recumbent Bikes

Learn about the different types of bikes and what is best to ride where with some of our local experts!

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Find the perfect place to lay your head after a long day of biking! With hotels for every budget, Lethbridge is the perfect place to hang your helmet while you explore the great outdoors!

Maintaining Your Bike

Bike maintenance is an important considerationfor those that want to maximize their time in the saddle.

Basic maintaince you can do at home:

  • Check your tire pressure

  • Clean your bike chain

  • Clean the cables

  • Tighten the bolts

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Bike Saftey

It is important to have the proper saftey equipment no matter where you're planning on biking in the city.

Proper saftey gear can include:

  • Helmet

  • Bell

  • Front Light

  • Back Light

Things to remember:

  • Bikes have the right to the road

    • Make sure you follow the rules of the road

  • Share paths with pedestrians

    • Give them a heads up when you pass a bell or a "on your left (or right) is a great way to let them know you're coming.

Learn more about bike safety with Tyler from BikeBridge Cycling Association!

Fuel Your Ride

Whether your looking to fuel up before you fit the trails or looking for the perfect place to celebrate after the ride Lethbridge has amazing local restaurants to

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