Lethbridge for RV'ers

RVing is a great way to explore Alberta, Canada and North America. Lethbridge, being the closest and largest city to the US border, is a great place to stock up and explore!

Where is Lethbridge?

Lethbridge is at the heart of Southern Alberta. We're the hub to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a thriving agri-food sector, which means plenty of good food! Highways 3, 4 and 5 meet in Lethbridge and Highway 2, with access to Calgary connects to Highway 3 just west of the city.

Lethbridge is often the first city you'll hit after crossing into Alberta on your way to the Alaska Highway. We're a great starting point. Learn more about routes that connect to Mile 0.

A blue car is speeding past the crowds at Lethbridge's Street Machine Weekend inLethbridge Alberta. there is a woman in the back of the car waving at the camera.

Getting to Lethbridge

Get more detailed information about getting to and around Lethbridge.

A couple in Waterton is looking off into the distance holding each other as they look at the moon sitting over a mountain range. the couple is wearing red and blue ajackets.

World Heritage Sites

Anchor yourself in Lethbridge and explore the 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around Lethbridge! From Rocky Mountains to rugged badlands, you can visit all as daytrips.

Illustrated map of the Alaska Highway routes through Lethbridge, Alberta.

Alaska Highway

As the first city you'll reach after crossing from Montana into Alberta, Canada, learn more about how to connect to the Alaska Highway from Lethbridge.

Services for RVs

the sign outside the visitor information centre in Lethbridge Alberta. the sign has the tourism LEthbrgdieg logo on it with the large I symbol for information, as well as a neon open sign to indicate open status.


free to use sani-dump is located in the parking lot of Tourism Lethbridge's Visitor Centre, located at the corner of Scenic Drive South and Mayor Magrath Drive South. The Sani-dump can accommodate 2 RVs at a time and is equipped with grey and potable water.

there are people standing in the visitor centre of the Tourism Lethbrigd eVisitor Information Centre. there is a Tourism Lethbridge employee here in the centre helping a visitor.

Lethbridge Visitor Centre (VIC)

Whether you're looking for travel counselling or need to stretch your legs after using the sani station, come inside. We offer free WIFI, public washrooms and a friendly smile.

RV Sales and Repairs

Things happen — we're here to help. We know not everything can go perfectly so when something does go wrong we have made your life a little easier with a list of places to get you're RV serviced at!

Campgrounds and Accommodations

With four UNESCO World Heritage Sites doable as daytrips and a wide range of shopping and services, Lethbridge is a great place to stay. So, unhitch once and enjoy all that Southern Alberta has to offer.

Pictured is the Lethbridge RV accommodation in Lethbridge Alberta. The resort near the old man river In Lethbridge. The RV Park is situated near the old man river and pictured is full of RV's parked in spots all equally separated, with trees sprouting for the ground, with the coulees serving as the back drop

KOA Lethbridge Campground

Located just off of Highway 3 the KOA Lethbridge Campground is the perfect place to stop in and offers sites with full hookups.

The exterior of the Elba's Rv and B and B RV Accommodation in Lethbridge Alberta. Pictured is an Rv set up on its plot of ground during bright and sunny day at the Rv BnB. beside the rv Campoer is a wooden picnic table and some trees for shade.

Elbas Cabins and RV Resort

Located in the countryside Elbas Cabins and RV Resort offers sites with full hookups and more!

Park Lake Provincial Park

Park Lake Provincial Park is located just outside Lethbridge. It's a slice of trees and wilderness on the prairies. What's in that photo? It's a part of the Solar System project — check it out!

Perrett Park & Campground

Located in Raymond, Alberta, a quick drive from Lethbridge, Perrett Park & Campground is located beside the town's golf course. There are 9 non-serviced and 7 serviced sites.

PURE Casino Lethbridge

Did you know you can park at the Pure Casino in Lethbridge! Amazing food, excellent services, gmaes — what more do you need? While parking is free, please register inside. There is a 3-night max stay)! The casino is located close to intersection of Highways 3 and 4.

The exterior of the Sandman Signature Lethbridge Lodge Hotel Accommodation in Lethbridge Alberta. The interior patio space is a replication of the tropics, with palm trees, pools and terracotta stone accents throughout.

Lethbridge Hotels

If you're looking for a break from #camperlife, you'll find a large range of accommodations in Lethbridge that meet every budget.


Get a taste of Lethbridge before you travel. If you're already here, take a photo and tag it with #ExploreLethbridge on Twitter or Instagram. We love to share (with permission, of course).

Things to Do in Lethbridge

Visitors to Lethbridge love to shop local. That's why we've mapped out some of the unique boutiques in Downtown Lethbridge and beyond — see below! We also know RVers sometimes need to stock up on essentials for the road. Here are some big-box options around town.

Shopping in Lethbridge

the inside of borderline/populess skate shop. there are many shirts and hats are lining the inside of the store. above the product shelves there is a bike hanging form the ceiling.

Shop Local in Lethbridge

Vibrant Downtown Lethbridge is home to many shops you'll find nowhere else. While shopping, refuel in one of the many quality cafes or restaurants. Go on, you deserve it!

Stock Up in Lethbridge

W woman in a a red kimono is in the centre of the frame and is performing a traditional dance. in her hand she has two bushles, one of auntmn leaves and one of  cherry blossoms. there is a woman behind her doing the same.

More Things to Do in Lethbridge

Lethbridge has a range of unique local attractions. We've put together a greatest hits list so you can quickly see some of what Lethbridge has to offer.

Lethbridge Dining and Drink

A glass topped table is sitting with plates of food, beers and two sets of hands to the right of the frame.  there are nachos and dumplings visible on the plates and in the hands of the people in the frame.

Lethbridge Dining Guide

Lethbridge has a diverse dining scene. Find what you're craving. We've broken it up by both cuisine as well as neighbourhood.

Canada's Food Tours

The farmland around Lethbridge is some of the best in Canada. Taste for yourself. We've assembled self-driving tours both in the city and out into county. Ever tried a haskap berry? Now's your chance!

Highway 3 Ale Trail

Lethbridge is at the heart of this 8-strong craft brewery collection in Southern Alberta. You'll find 3 breweries in the Lethbridge area. Do not Drink and Drive

2805 Scenic Drive South, Lethbridge, Alberta
Phone: 403-394-2403
Toll Free: 1-888-384-8687