We're working on our Sip, Taste, Explore Version 2.0. Check back with us in Mid-July 2024 for the Whole Enchilada!


Local handcrafted lattes — A wide selection of locally produced haskap juices, wines, and ciders — Or locally curated beers and brews. No matter what you're sipping, there's something local filling your cup in Lethbridge.


Fresh food grown by locals — The newest dishes to hit the world stage — Or some of the best comfort food money can buy. Once you taste what Lethbridge is cooking, you'll see how fresh food from Canada's Premier Food Corridor can be.

& Explore!

4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites — Incredible cultural attractions & events — or some of the greatest outdoor spaces in the country. Discover history, heritage, culture, and heart when you explore Southern Alberta.


Don't forget to share all your best photos from your Sip, Taste, Explore! Southern Alberta Agriventure when it launches later this summer! We might even ask to repost some of our favourite we see! Don't worry, we will always ask permission before sharing!