Lethbridge Food and Drinks

Having so many amazing local restaurants on every corner can make it hard to pick which to try! We get it – so hopefully the list below help you decide!


In need of some delicious baked goods? Lethbridge is full of amazing local bakeries with cakes for any occasion, bread and more!

Beer in Lethbridge

If you're looking for a bubbly brew made from barley, then Lethbridge is the destination for you. with local brewers and lots of pubs in Lethbridge to choose from, Lethbridge is a beer drinkers paradise.


Wakey, wakey, Lethbridge's got eggs and baccy! No matter what you're craving in the morning, there are more than enough Lethbridge restaurants serving up a hot and delicious breakfast in town.

a yellow coloured umami bubble tea is sitting on the counter of the umami store with a sign hanging behind it in Lehtbridge Alberta.

Bubble Tea in Lethbridge

What's cold, chewy, and refreshing? Well, lots of things, but most notably, bubble tea! This growing craze has made its mark on Lethbridge, so we went around and found all the bubble tea shops in Lethbridge, so you know where to get your next bubble tea fix! Find all the info here!

Casual Restaurants and Pubs

Whether you're looking to get out and enjoy a few drinks with friends or want a casual place to enjoy a meal, these are the best places in Lethbridge to kick back and relax!

Chinese Restaurants

Discover all the Chinese restaurants in Lethbridge here.

Two ladies having coffee at a parklet in Lethbridge

Coffee Shops in Lethbridge

Whether it's the early morning or late at night, coffee can keep you going. With so many Lethbridge coffee roasters, it's no shock we have some incredible coffee in our local shops. Find all the best local coffee shops in Lethbridge here!

Dessert Places

Looking for a sweet treat to finish things off? from cookies and ice cream to doughnuts and coffee, there are more than enough dessert places in Lethbridge to satisfy any sweet tooth. No matter what you're sweet tooth desires, there's somewhere to find it in Lethbridge!

a hand is holding a small piece of bread with a white spread, orange jam and micro greens on top. the background is completely blurred.

Fancy Restaurants

Discover all the incredible European-inspired restaurants in Lethbridge. From Bourbon and Butter to Miro Bistro, there's sure to be something scrumptious waiting for you.

Italian and Mediterranean Restaurants

Take yourself to the coasts of the Mediterranean right from Lethbridge. Explore these incredible local restaurants specializing in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine here!

Japanese and Korean Restaurants

Get a vision of all the amazing South Asian and Indian restaurants in Lethbridge. From decadent butter chicken to rice pilaf, it's all right here in Lethbridge.

three tacos are being held and supported by a metal tray that is on a small clay plate. the tacos have corn radishes cilantro and beef in them and behind them is a small bowl with a green sauce in it. the tacos are on a black wooden table.

Mexican Restaurants

Get a taste of all the incredible Latin American Dishes in Lethbridge. Taco, Empanadas, and enchiladas are just a few of the many amazing Latin American options in Lethbridge.

Pictured is a bowl of soup from Umami Shop in Downtown Lethbridge. the soup in its centre has big chunks of meat piled high, with shredded carrot, broccoli, bean sprouts, and green onion sprinkled carefully around the pile of meat sitting in a dark broth.

Vietnamese and South-East Asian Restaurants

With bubble tea galore and so much more in Lethbridge, it's no surprise we also have a huge selection of Vietnamese restaurants in Lethbridge. Discover all the Vietnamese restaurants in Lethbridge with our Vietnamese restaurant list below.

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