Lethbridge – Your UNESCO World Heritage Site Hub

Lethbridge is surrounded by 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Alberta. With so many incredible and unique attractions so close, it makes sense to stay in Lethbridge and explore Southern Alberta on easy day trips. Lethbridge is your hub for authentic Southern Alberta experiences.

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park/Áísínai'pi

Writing-on-Stone is one of the most unique UNESCO Heritage Sites in Canada because of its incredible landscapes and spiritual significance to the Blackfoot and Indigenous peoples. Walk among the impressive hoodoos or take a guided hike that explains the importance of the ancient rock carvings. Don't miss Áísínai'pi!

Waterton Lakes National Park/Paahtómahksikimi

No visit to Southern Alberta is complete without a day trip to Waterton Lakes National Park. At the crown of the continent, Waterton Lakes stretches from mountain peaks to prairie flatland. With Glacier National Park, its neighbour in Montana, this was the world's first International Peace Park. From thrilling hikes to leisurely bike rides, there is something here for everyone.

Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump / Estipah-skikikini-kots

Discover the more than 6,000-plus years of the Plains Buffalo culture at this award-winning museum. The museum explores the history, archaeology, culture and lives of the Indigenous People of the Western Canadian Plains and their relationship with migrating buffalo. Learn more about this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

Dinosaur Provincial Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is one of the best-preserved dinosaur fossil beds on earth. Located north of Brooks on the Trans-Canada Highway, this is a great stop on your drive to, or from Calgary. Take one of their guided hikes, family programs or enriched learning programs for the best experience.

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More Day trips Beyond Lethbridge

UNESCO World heritage sites aren't the only thing to see around Lethbridge. Check out some of the other fantastic day trips and adventures you can take when you choose Lethbridge as your hub for Southern Alberta experiences and adventure!