Broxburn Vegetables & Cafe


You lift your fork, a heap of richly coloured vegetables stabbed onto the tines. You’ve never thought of food as art, but the brilliant collection of garden ripe glory you’re holding in front of your lips is so lovely you’d almost rather look at it than eat it. With a sort of curious respect, you take a nibble from a thin slice of yellow pepper. There’s a snap and a crunch, and a tart sweetness bursts on your tongue. It’s like sunshine in your mouth, festive and invigorating. This is what a yellow pepper is supposed to taste like. It’s the real deal; organically grown right here on this acreage in ideal, climate controlled conditions; picked fresh this morning and prepared just for you; nutrition and flavour incarnate. 

Pushing the first fork load past your lips, you chew with satisfaction. You’re in for a fantastic meal – and judging by the berries you saw walking in, you’re definitely going to leave room for pie.

Broxburn Vegetables & Café is not only a popular restaurant, it is a thriving farm and UPick operation that grows and sells organic fruits and vegetables all year long. Family owned and operated, Broxburn Vegetables & Café offers a true taste of southern Alberta cuisine and culture.