Things to Do in Lethbridge

Welcome to the greatest hits of Lethbridge. This is the page to get a quick overview of the many things to see and do in and around Lethbridge, Alberta. What are you waiting for? Start Exploring!


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The waterfall of the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden during autumn day. the stress and many of the other plants have changed to their red yellow and orange colours.

Major Attractions in Lethbridge

For a small city, Lethbridge has some big attractions. Gaze up at the High Level Bridge, which looms large over the river valley and Fort Whoop-Up. Or relax in style at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden.

Pictured are four people in traditional Blackfoot regalia in the Fort Whoop Up interpretive centre. from left to right, there is a woman in salmon coloured dance garment, with long teal and neon green tassels and a beautiful patterned design. the woman beside her, is wearing another classic dance garment, lined with jingles and a western hat. to her right is an older gentlemen in another traditional dance garment, with feathers strewn from his hair, and feathers at both his back and in his hand, to his right is a young boy, wearing a similar dance garment to the first, but this Tim a mostly teal colour, with red white and blue tassels. behind them is a sign that reads "OKI" the Blackfoot creating. Behind them is the replica of the fort, as well as the coulees behind the fort and a tree.

Indigenous Lethbridge

Oki and welcome to Lethbridge. Oki means welcome in Blackfoot and is the official welcome of Lethbridge. Get an introduction to Treaty 7 lands and Indigenous Lethbridge.

a man is helping hs wife cross a river in the Waterton Great Lakes area. the woman is mid jump over the stream laced among red rocks with a blue steel bridge behind them and mountains far in the distance.

World Heritage Sites

Lethbridge is the hub to 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From stunning Rocky Mountains to rugged badlands and sites of spiritual significance, day trips have never been so diverse.

an abundance of Cheese on shelves from Crystal Springs Cheese

Canada's Food Tours

Lethbridge is at the heart of Canada's Premiere Food Corridor and some of the best farmland in the country. That's why we've put together self-driving and walking tours that give you a taste of the flavours of Southern Alberta.

Highway 3 Ale Trail

We've joined with Medicine Hat and the Crowsness Pass to link up 8 craft breweries. This ale trail links the Rocky Mountains and the endless prairies. Pick your designated driver and start sampling.

Arts and Culture

Lethbridge is a hotbed of the Arts. With three galleries — SAAG, Casa and the university — plus a museum and utterly unique Japanese garden, culture vultures rejoice.