Henderson Ice Centre


Henderson Ice Centre is located at 2301 Parkside Drive South (on the corner of 7th Avenue South and Mayor Magrath Drive South).

Henderson Ice Centre is the home of Lethbridge Athletic Association Hockey (LAA). It operates from the beginning of September to the beginning of April and, at times, during the summer months. Henderson Ice Centre has 2 ice surfaces, a larger ice surface designed for all users and a small ice surface designed for those aged 10 and under.

Arena Statistics

  • 190 foot long ice surface (large ice)

  • 85 foot wide ice surface (large ice)

  • 15 foot ice surface radius (large ice)

  • 700 person seating capacity (large ice)

  • 99 foot 5 inch long ice surface (small ice)

  • 41 foot 4 inch wide ice surface (small ice)

  • Barrier free accessible washroom

  • Barrier free drinking fountain