Evergreen Golf Centre


You glance ahead, planning the direction of your swing.
There’s a sand trap about 100 yards to the right, and a water hazard directly in front of the green you’re aiming for. Could be tricky. What’s more, the breeze has picked up and a few clouds have started rolling in. Looks as though it might rain. Not that it matters.

You’re well protected and perfectly comfortable in the heated shelter on this exceptional driving range. With all the target greens and various obstacles surrounding them, practicing here is almost like being out on the course – minus the weather and mosquito factor. You smile, tee the ball up over a state-of-the-art turf mat, and swing away. Nice hit. Maybe once you’re through your basket you’ll venture over to the Par-3 course and play quick round here as well. Mother Nature would never rain on your parade. 

Evergreen Golf Centre is an award-winning driving range, golf facility, and an all around great place to have fun. You can practice your swing here all year long, and even have it video analyzed by one of the pros on the Trackman if you’re so inclined. The nine hole Par-3 course makes for an easy two hours of play, and if you want to treat your inner child you can indulge in mini-golf and Go-Kart racing as well.So it’s a good idea to give yourself a good amount of time when you plan to visit Evergreen Golf Centre. Once you get here, it’s very likely that you’ll want to play away the entire afternoon.