Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

The Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation brings you the beauty of wild birds while protecting the diverse species of birds of prey that call our province home. This non-profit started as a passion project when a husband and wife began taking care of injured birds of prey. Over time they have built the facility to what it is today.

Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

Eagles, Owls and More

The Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation's main goal is to help educate the public on our native birds of prey and provide an engaging hands-on experience for people of all ages. Not only visually striking, but these birds are also an essential part of our ecosystem.

Once you've gotten to the sanctuary, there is lots to do! try heading over to the Hawk Walk where you will find multiple species of eagles and hawks. These magnificent birds are often rare to see out in the wild, making this an excellent stop for avid bird watchers to get a chance to see these beautiful birds up close and personal. Even better is, if you’re lucky, they might let you hold one!

Your Experience Takes Flight

Once you have had a chance to meet some of the bigger birds, you can admire at some of the smaller ones in the outdoor enclosures. Many of our native prairie species can be found within! While they may be in smaller spaces than the great expanse of nature, these birds are well taken care of and rehabilitated by the hard working and dedicated staff at the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation.

From there, check out the outdoor auditorium, where you can watch these majestic birds take flight with daily flight demonstrations! Watch the birds soar through the air and then back down to Earth where they can retrieve their meals. You might not even see the same bird fly twice with their wide array of bird species!

Experiences that Soar!

  • Natural history centre

  • Bald eagle aviary in the history centre

  • Daily flight demonstrations

  • Duck feeding

  • Multiple bird feeding in the outdoor auditorium throughout the day.

Find out more about the centre, their mission, and admission prices on their website!

2805 Scenic Drive South, Lethbridge, Alberta
Phone: 403-394-2403
Toll Free: 1-888-384-8687