Slip into the serenity of this enchanting Japanese garden and enjoy the wonders a multicultural friendship can bring. 

Designed by revered landscape architects from Osaka Prefecture University, Nikka Yuko unites traditional Japanese garden landscapes with greenery native to Southern Alberta. Wander along intricate pathways and discover unique sculptures and architecture – each made in Kyoto by local artisans, then shipped to Lethbridge. 


The Friendship Garden

Originally created to symbolize the international friendship between Southern Alberta and Japan, Nikka Yuko features a variety of events and exhibitions spotlighting Japanese culture, and the long history of Japanese people in Lethbridge. 

Nikka Yuko is a popular spot for weddings and private photography sessions, drawing in locals and tourists alike with its seasonal beauty. A visit early in the season is dramatically different to an autumn stroll, and don’t miss the Winter Light Festival in December and January.

Whether you choose to relax with an ocha (green tea) or join in one of the many matsuri (festivals) happening year-round, the garden has something for everyone!

Events include

  • Golden Maple Reception

  • 108 Garden Yoga Experience

  • Yagai (Outdoor) Picnic in the Garden

  • Meditation Classes

  • Long Table Dinner

  • Matcha & Mimosas

  • Setsubun Matsuri (Festival)

  • Winter Light Festival


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Nikka Yuko is located on the west shore of Henderson Lake, at the corner of 9th Ave. S. and Mayor Magrath Drive. With its proximity to major thoroughfares, the garden is very easy to get to from just about anywhere in the city.

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