The iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco or the Sydney Harbour Bridge define their cities. The Lethbridge Viaduct is no different.

The High Level Bridge in Lethbridge has framed views of the city for over a century. Its black steel trestles contrast the rolling hills of the coulees and the Oldman River.

High Level Bridge Selfie Spots

Mark your stay in Lethbridge with a picture of the bridge. It looks great from all angles, but these spots offer great views.

Helen Schuler Nature Centre Their rooftop garden offers superb views. Or hit the trail and grab a shot directly underneath the mighty bridge.

Galt Museum and Archives Walk west on the trails behind the museum for a vantage with Fort Whoop-Up below.

City trails Whether you’re on the west side of the river (Bull Trail Park North), or the east, with 200km of trails in the city, you’re sure to find a solid selfie spot.

Highway 3, eastbound pullout—take the exit just past the river for a great south-facing view of the bridge.

Lethbridge Viaduct Facts

  • The Lethbridge train trestle bridge is not just visually impressive, it is big.

  • It’s the longest, highest bridge of its kind in the world.

  • 5,327 feet in length

  • 314 feet high

  • The Government of Canada designated the bridge's construction as a National Historic Event.

It was built by the Canadian Pacific Railway at a cost of over a million dollars and it has played an important part in Lethbridge’s and the region’s history. It’s construction was

While locals know it’s here, the bridge in Lethbridge isn’t nearly as famous as its city defining counterparts. A perfect example of the many hidden gems hiding in plain site in Lethbridge.

See incredible archival construction photos and learn more about the bridge in our stories.


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