Lethbridge Travel Posters

Designed by Local Artists

Tourism Lethbridge commissioned local artists to design 7 beautiful travel posters of local attractions! Our local artist travel posters are available for purchase exclusively at our visitor centre — 2895 Scenic Drive S. Pick up yours today!

Inspired by an era of vintage travel posters when art and not selfies excited travellers to get out and explore, these posters are designed by local Lethbridge artists. Forget souvenirs, each one of these posters is a work of art and a unique perspective on the incredible attractions in Lethbridge. Owning one is a chance to bring a true Lethbridge keepsake into your home.

Available for purchase exclusively at our Visitor Centre (2805 Scenic Dr S), or as a reward form the Sip, Taste, Explore! Southern Alberta AgriVenture! these locally designed posters are 16in x 24in in size and priced at $25 for one, $140 for all seven!

Alberta Birds Of Prey - The Alberta Birds of Prey Centre

Connie Furgason

Connie Furgason was born and raised in Southern Alberta and currently resides in Lethbridge.

She has an education background in art and English. Connie has a love for the written word which combined with studying traditional hand lettering provided the backdrop for future art and teaching.

Connie taught Lettering Arts(calligraphy) and other mediums at the Lethbridge Community College for over 25 years. Currently, she continues to teach workshops in lettering, watercolour, and mixed abstract art for groups across Canada and the US. Her work has been published for print and frame companies and many of her original works of art have found their way into private homes in the US and Canada.

Connie uses her own text which is often combined with calligraphic works in watercolour, acrylic and other mediums.

She finds her inspiration from nature and loves spending time in the mountains, kayaking, cycling and being with family.

"What Sustains Us" — Galt Museum & Archives

Bryce Many Fingers / Singer

Bryce Many Fingers / Singer is an emerging self-taught artist from the Blood Tribe Reserve in Southern Alberta. He uses mixed media work to explore his role as a Niitsitapi. His Blackfoot name, Mano’taanikaapi, means First Grandchild and is an important part of his identity. His artwork aims to build an understanding of his culture and history, as well as a relationship to the land. His graphic style is influenced by illustrator Paul Goble, and Blood Artist Gerald Tail Feathers “Iitsiki’tsaawaawahka (Walks Up High)”. He also takes inspiration from literary works such as My People, The Bloods by Mike Mountain Horse, and The Ways of My Grandmothers by Beverly Hungry Wolf. instagram.com/brycemsinger

 "Fort Whoop-Up" — Fort Whoop-Up

Leila Armstrong

Leila Armstrong has an M.A. in Media Studies from Concordia University in Montreal and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Evolution & Behaviour at the University of Lethbridge. She works both independently and in collaboration with other artists such as Chai Duncan (in 12 Point Buck) and Darcy Logan, Maria Madacky, and Rick Gillis (in M.E.D.I.U.M.). Her solo exhibition “Backyard Wilderness” is a body of work addressing the intersection of wildlife with suburban and urban spaces. Her current practice involves placing trail cameras in front and backyards to capture urban wildlife. Armstrong most recently completed 3 public art projects in Lethbridge, including a series of billboards, a utility box wrap, and a mural (with fellow Lethbridgian Aaron Hagan). Her upcoming exhibition “Burrows and Bungalows” opens at Casa in January 2022. leilaarmstrong.com

 "Friendship Garden" — Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Jarom Scott

Jarom Scott was born in Lethbridge, Alberta. He cherishes opportunities to travel and has lived in Canada, U.S.A., France, and Switzerland. Jarom studied art at MacEwan University and the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. He received his BFA Degree in 2004 and a BDES Degree in 2009. In 2006, Jarom received an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant to paint Alberta landscapes. Jarom often paints traditional subjects, such as portraits and landscapes. He loves hiking, canoeing, cycling, and camping. jaromscott.com

"Down in the Valley" — Helen Schuler Nature Centre

Elizabeth Porter

Elizabeth Porter (Beth or her online handle of snowbringer) is a slightly windblown artist located in Lethbridge, Alberta. She loves watching birds, looking at textures, and walking. She is often found trying to capture sensations or memories that she can't find words for when she is drawing or painting. snowbringer.com

“Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Maansiksikaitsitapiitsinikssin” — Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Hali Heavy Shield

Nato’yi’kina’soyi (Holy Light that Shines Bright) / Hali Heavy Shield is a multidisciplinary artist and educator and is a member of the Blood Tribe (Kainai) of Southern Alberta. Hali’s work is influenced by experiences in her home community, including Blackfoot stories, significant sites, family, and women as sources of strength and goodness. She often uses vibrant colours, text, and symbolism to braid contemporary and traditional Indigenous realities with imagined futurisms. Hali is also a literacy activist who works to engage others in generative discussion and practices of reconciliation and creativity. instagram.com/hali.heavyshield

"Coalbanks Viridis" — Lethbridge

Eric Dyck

Eric Dyck is a cartoonist and art educator living in Lethbridge, AB. Eric has shared his love of cartoons and comic-storytelling with folks of all ages for more than twenty-five years. Eric has been documenting his experiences and adventures in Southern Alberta through his webcomic, Slaughterhouse Slough. Eric uses his comic strip to share about the people that he meets, the stories that he hears, and to celebrate the critters and flora of Southern Alberta. Eric’s work can also be found in Wider Horizons, The Sprawl, and YYScene. ericdyck.com

Also available in our Visitor Centre are copies of "Lethbridge A History in Pictures." Get your copy today for $29.95 (plus tax)

"The Lethbridge Historical Society launched the Facebook Group that bears its name in 2011. The intent was to preserve, promote and share the colourful history of Southwest Alberta and Lethbridge in particular. Today the group has more than 16,000 members and is a tribute to the city's colouful past.

The members of the Lethbridge Historical Society have put together the definitive photographic account of this unique city. With more than 130 photographs, many of them seen here for the first time, Lethbridge: A History in Pictures offers a stunning portrait of this one-of-a-kind Alberta city and the country around it.

Lethbridge: A History in Pictures offers us a window into the past, showing life as it was then, and stirring in us the emotions of wonder and curiosity about those who have gone before us and the lives they lived."