Dessert Shops in Lethbridge

June 13, 2022


If bubble tea isn’t your thing (No judgement here!), then feel free to sample some of the other incredible sweet treats and confectioneries in the city. For starters, there’s Swirls! Whether it’s a handmade ice cream sandwich, a mountainous sundae, or just a plane old chocolate and vanilla swirl cone, Swirls is your place to go! With multiple different flavours of hard serve and all kinds of scrumptious sundaes, swirls will leave your head spinning with ice cream dreams.

Milkman Milk Bar

What’s better than a big bowl of ice cream? A big bowl of delicious small-batch handmade ice cream from the family-owned Milkman Milk Bar. The first of its kind in Lethbridge, the creamy dreamy sweet tooth quenching milk bar is here to serve up not only delicious but local, ice cream. Whether you like your flavours a bit more traditional, or you like to try something once “Just because,” Milkman has the perfect frozen treat waiting for you to try. Better hurry and catch up with the Milkman before it melts!

The Soda Mill

Watching the latest blockbuster at the Movie Mill or staying in and having a movie night? No matter what you do, keep your thirst quenched with a delicious gourmet soda from the Soda Mill. Whether you want to pick from the numerous flavour combinations they have, or go it alone and make your own concoction, they are ready to serve up something fizzy, sweet, and downright delicious. Even better, they might have a flavour-themed and named after one of your favourite blockbuster films. Head over and see if you can guess the inspiration behind each scrumptious soda!

Photo by @HowSweetInc

How Sweet

Headed Downtown and need something to satisfy your sweet tooth? At How Sweet you can find everything from your long-lost childhood favourite you thought you would never see again, to the kind of flavours and creations from your favourite candy makers that you could have never imagined. How Sweet is the shop downtown that has all the sweets you could ever imagine and more? If you love all things sweet and or interesting, be sure to head on down to How Sweet to get an idea of how sweet it really is!

Cookie Crimes

Get ready to do the time after you feel the rush of Cookie Crimes. We are all a bit guilty of committing a cookie crime from time to time. What is a Cook Crime you might ask? Well the owners of Cookie Crimes themselves say “An act or activity that is delicious in nature but carries caloric consequences. An innocent indulgence.” With their delicious homemade style, small-batch ice cream and delicious house-made cookies, you’ll be singing the jailhouse blues in no time. Rain or shine, you better not sleep, because cookie crimes don’t.‍


Wake up and “arise” to the occasion with arise’s vegan drinks, treats, and of course, coffee.

This coffee shop and bakery offers more than just your regular cup of joe, with a wide range of baked treats and soft-serve ice cream to accompany their incredible caffeinated drinks. If it couldn’t get any better, everything on their menu is 100% vegan, that’s right, even the soft serve!

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2805 Scenic Drive South, Lethbridge, Alberta
Phone: 403-394-2403
Toll Free: 1-888-384-8687