Lethbridge Patios Open for Summer 2022

May 10, 2022

Summer is the season of living life outside and enjoying the long days to their fullest before they fade away into autumn. One of the best ways to enjoy every last bit of the outdoors is by eating at local Lethbridge restaurants with vibrant food and beautiful patios; from downtown, to the far reaches of the city, here are a few of the best local spots with patios open in Lethbridge.

Telegraph Taphouse

Telegraph Taphouse is a staple in the heart of Downtown, which is why it is so exciting that this amazing restaurant and patio is part of the new and incredible festival square addition to the Downtown Core. Offering a wide selection of brews on tap and classic local food fare, the patio at Telegraph adds the vibrant atmosphere of Downtown Lethbridge to the mix.


The Italian Table

One of the newer additions to patios in Lethbridge, The Italian Table opened their patio late last summer, and with such high success, they have opened it once again for this summer. this summer they have added the addition of a community garden. the community garden will feature fresh producer that once properly rippened will also be sued in the dishes!


Firestone Restaurant and Bar

Firestone Restaurant and Bar on Mayor Magrath has been a local favourite since it opened its doors. One of the best parts, if not the best part, about this incredible restaurant is the beautiful and spacious patio. Winner of the Open Table award of one of the best places to dine outdoors in Canada in 2021, this patio is clearly one of the best patios to enjoy a drink or meal at when in Lethbridge.


Owl Acoustic Lounge

Owl Acoustic Lounge is the number one place in the city for live music, great food and incredible company. Now they also offer the option of patio seating during the summer. Sitting in the heart of downtown and across from Galt Gardens, there is an undeniably fantastic atmosphere downtown with the relaxed atmosphere of the Owl Acoustic Lounge.

Theoretically Brewing

Theoretically brewing has the most scientifically sound brews in the city. No matter what you're there for, there is a scientifically sound brew and a seat on their patio waiting for you! Their patio brings the experience together with live shows and other events to a relaxing night out with friends.

Spectrum Ale Works

Spectrum Ale Works is more than just a place to grab a drink or bite to eat, it’s a whole darn brewery! As if they didn’t have enough going for them, they also have a seasonal patio during the summer. The best way to enjoy a locally brewed beer is obviously by drinking it outside with good friends. Now you don’t even have to leave Spectrum, to enjoy their delicious brews, food, the outdoors, and your friends!


Bourbon & Butter

A new addition to the patio scene this year is Bourbon and Butter, the newest fine dining experience in Downtown Lethbridge! With delicious delicacies like their bone marrow, the only possible way to make the experience at Bourbon & Butter is to experience it all outside, which is just what Bourbon and Butter plan to do with their patio this summer!



Streatside Eatery is a local staple known for its incredible casual dining and amazing sweet treats. One of the best ways to experience all this is on their semi-secluded patio. With a beautiful overhang from the trees surrounding it and ample space for seating, this open-air portion of the eatery is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy a delicious meal this summer.


The Canadian Brewhouse

The Canadian Brewhouse opened just a few years ago in the summer of 2020, and during that time one of the most beloved and valued features of this restaurant was its amazing rooftop patio! While not as high up as the water towers, the patio still offers an incredible view of its surrounding area, with more than enough seating so that you can find a spot.

Mocha Cabana

Mocha Cabana has a beautiful patio in the heart of the city, along with delicious locally sourced food and drinks. Mocha Cabana has been a staple in the city since it opened; and its patio is just as loved as the restaurant. With a beautiful secluded area and ample seating, everyone is welcome on the Mocha Cabana patio.


Ten Ten Pub

Ten Ten Pub just off of Mayor Magrath is a great place on the south side to grab classic pub food and a drink on the patio with some friends. This is not only a great spot to catch the sun coming through the city all summer long, but it is also placed just across from Henderson Lake Golf Course. Grab a bite to eat with your golfing buddies after a round of golf, while still enjoying sun on the Ten Ten Pub patio.


Pop’s Taphouse South, West, and North

Pop’s Taphouse is a staple in local Lethbridge restaurants and food. Owned and operated locally since opening, this has been the spot to meet and catch up with old friends no matter what side of the city you are on. No matter what your looking for, Pop’s Taphouse and patio is the perfect place to sit out in the sun this summer in Lethbridge. 


Kingsmen Ale House

The Kingsmen Ale House offers a great view of the Mayor Magrath Drive, and all the crazy cars you might see driving by during Street Wheelers in July. No matter what tine of the year it is though, Kingsmen Ale house is sure to serve up some delicious food and brews.


For more information on all the best local places to eat in Lethbridge and other amazing restaurants in the area, head over to our food page!

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