Best Brunches in Lethbridge

August 10, 2022

The sun is out, which means that the patios are back open and the sun is up and warming the sidewalk before most of us have opened our eyes each morning. Spring and summer are synonymous with relaxation, fun, and getting together; so why not get all three of those things at some of these amazing brunch spots in Lethbridge!


Firestone is a staple in Lethbridge. With their iconic "Them Doughnuts" and delicious entrees, it’s no surprise they’ve stuck around for so long. What makes their menu even better is their amazing brunch options. Served with fresh fruit, their breakfast options and brunch options boast classics, and some of their very own creations. With brunch this good, it's no wonder it's only available Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.


Sonder Coffee Bar

If you want amazing coffee and delicious, fresh, and hot waffles then look no further than the Sonder Coffee Bar on 3rd Ave. South. Sonder has a wide variety of hot and iced coffee drinks. From mochas to tea lattes and even Italian soda seasonally, they have it all. Not to mention, the waffles they are known for; from sweet banana and whipped cream to their savoury brie and pesto waffle, there is a waffle and brunch for everyone to love at Sonder Coffee Bar.


Italian Table 

If you’re looking for a brunch experience like no other in the city, then Italian Table is the place you want to be. Served family style, this brunch is made to bring people together the way that the people at Italian Table think Sunday brunch should, with lots of laughter, over a plethora of food. Avocado toast, strawberry french toast, bacon, hashbrowns, and table carbonara are just some of the delicious things you’ll be finding on your table at the Italian Table's Sunday Brunch. Not to mention their beautiful patio that will feature a community garden for the first time ever this summer!


Water Tower Grill & Bar

The Water Tower Grill & Bar stands tall above others when it comes to brunch. With amazing views of the city, and flavourful food to go along with it. The Water Tower has all its regular offerings alongside it a delicious mimosa brunch Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 1 PM 


Streatside Eatery

Streatside offers delicious options in a comfortable setting, with the addition of an amazing brunch on Saturdays and on some Sunday holidays such as Mother's Day and Father's Day! Streatside has been known in the community for their incredible high-quality food, and their consistency in service and quality. To no surprise, their brunch offerings are just as amazing.


Bread Milk and Honey

If you’re are looking for a lighter brunch than others, try out some of the delicious breakfast and brunch items at Bread Milk and Honey Café! From a grilled breakfast sandwich, bacon and egg tartlet or a pesto and mayo BLT, there’s a fine selection of light brunch options at Bread Milk and Honey.


Looking for more inspiration for your next meal at a local Lethbridge restaurant? Check out all there is to know about food in Lethbridge at or check out some of our other stories about the best places to eat on each side of the city, or where to find the best patios open in Lethbridge!

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