Day-trips from Lethbridge — Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park

April 30, 2022

With thousands of preserved rock-art drawings dating back to 1050 B.C., Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park features the highest concentration of petroglyphs and pictographs in the world.

Otherwise known as Áísínai’pi in Blackfoot, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has long been considered a spiritual area by the Blackfoot people. All it takes is a quick wander among the hoodoos (towering sandstone pillars) to inspire that same sense of wonder at the forces which moulded this alien-looking landscape. 


A local’s advice

While Writing-On-Stone is worth the trip all on its own, there’s plenty more to see that will round out your trip. About half an hour south of Lethbridge on Hwy 4, Hickory Street BBQ in Stirling offers some of the best BBQ around.

And, if you’re in the mood for dinosaurs, but don’t want to make the two-hour trip to Drumheller, the Devil’s Coulee Dinosaur and Heritage Museum in Warner should satisfy your dino-cravings.


The trip at a glance

Duration: 1.5-hour drive, one-way

Expected cost: Admission to Writing-On-Stone is free, Devil’s Coulee has an $8 admission for adults and a $6 fee for seniors and kids

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