Day-trips from Lethbridge — Head-Smashed-in Buffalo Jump

May 2, 2022

Perhaps the most uniquely named attraction in Canada, Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump spans 6000 years of southern Alberta history. Built right into the side of the Porcupine Hills, the museum’s design won the Governor General’s Gold Medal for Architecture in 1990.


The 45-minute drive to this UNESCO World Heritage Site takes you through Fort Macleod, then out into the wide-open prairies. While the town hasn’t been around as long as the buffalo jump, Fort Macleod boasts plenty of history of its own, including the NWMP Fort, which hosts the NWMP music ride in the summer.


A local’s advice

There’s more to Fort Macleod than just its fort. Wander along 3rd Ave and 24 St. and you’ll experience its historic downtown, which has played host to various blockbusters like Brokeback Mountain, Interstellar, and the newest Ghostbusters film.

As you poke around, duck into some shops for some general antiquing and perusing. Then head to Stronghold Brewing for a pint before you hit the old dusty trail back home.

The trip at a glance

Duration: 45-minute drive, one-way

Expected cost: Admission to the Buffalo Jump is $15 for adults. The NWMP Museum costs $12 for adult admission + $6 for entry to the musical ride

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