Get Lost at the Lethbridge Corn Maze

September 1, 2022

One of Lethbridge’s premier food experiences and attractions is finally back in season with fresh new stocks of corn to get yourself lost, then found, in.

The Lethbridge corn maze is located just outside of the city, and offers visitors the chance to walk among tall stalks of corn towering over their head, through a handmade maze of epic, and corny, proportions. The maze is redesigned each year, to keep you guessing, and the overhead view interesting!

Visitors can enjoy both the classic maze or the smaller trivia based maze, that isn’t all that the Lethbridge Corn Maze has to offer however!

The Lethbridge Corn Maze is also home to a small petting zoo. The petting zoo is home to many farm animals, such as goats, llamas, peacocks, cows, horses and even rabbits! The animals can be approached in their pens, and small cones of feed for the assorted animals can be purchased to feed to the animals roaming the grounds. 

The grounds also feature a giant 40-foot slide that can fit multiple people in one go. Get some incredible fall pictures with the family flying down the slide and share them with us on social media with #ExploreLethbridge! We might even ask to post your picture on our accounts! Don’t worry, we always ask first!

The Mazes also feature a cow train ride that is fun for kids of all ages. There is also a small playground and tire tower for the younger kids looking to burn off a little extra energy! That’s still not all though!

The Maze also offers hay rides, rat roller, a sunflower field, and a large pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkin later in the fall! If you’re there in the spring however, they have baby goats ready for cuddling.

No matter when you go during its open season, the Lethbridge corn maze has so much to see and do when it comes to local Lethbridge food and produce. Discover all that the Lethbridge Corn Maze has to offer in person today!

For more info, head here, to their website!

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