Day Trips From Lethbridge – Cardston and Highway 5

September 24, 2022

The Southern Alberta Highway Five Road Trip

Southern Alberta has many adventures to be found on the side of the highway. Still, they don’t always have to be an impromptu or unplanned inconvenience. Take the time to see everything or only take one or two stops; either way, there is something for everyone on highway five! They can also be a preplanned fun-filled adventure; all you have to do is get on the highway and head out.

Cardston Card House

The first stop is the house that would help ensure the creation of a few others on our tour of all that highway five has to offer. The Cardston card house is where you can find the story of the first family to settle down and call Cardston home. You’ll be shocked by its size and impressed with the family’s ability to live with each other in such close quarters. The house not only gives time and place to where the town began but how far the town, its people, and our country as a whole has progressed. Not to mention how much bigger our houses have gotten!

Cardston Alberta Temple

This wonder of construction and building of faith is one of Cardston’s most prominent, most beautiful, and beloved buildings in town. With its large structure standing in the centre of a beautiful open grass courtyard, this building brings in. It welcomes many visitors each year into its visitor centre. Inside the visitor centre, tourists can find photos and information on the temple’s construction and the values of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. No matter your faith, the structure in its architecture and contraction are sure to impress!

Cardston Alberta Visitor Centre

Want to know more about what the town outside Lethbridge has to offer? Take a quick walk down to the Cardston Visitor Information Centre, where there will be someone who is more than happy to help you find the next stop on your adventure. Not to mention the beautiful building that is the Cardston Visitor Centre. 

Remington Carriage Museum

Across the parking lot from the Cardston Visitor Information Centre so the Remington Carriage Museum. While you might wonder, what is so special about it, you'll quickly learn that it is one of the world's largest collections of classic and authentic horse-drawn carriages. With the information behind each carriage on display, this is sure both horse lovers' favourite stop in Cardston. There is also a bronze statue of Seabiscuit in their courtyard. 

Drive In

This iconic drive-in has been operating for over 10 years now. But burgers aren't the only thing this burger joint can handle. Whether you want some delicious fries, a milkshake, or some seriously crisp onion rings, they will surely be at the Drive-in. If you're not a burger person, there are enough options to guarantee you don't go hungry. Whether you're passing through on Highway 5 or this is the last stop on your tour of cards ton, with this drive-in right off the highway, you're sure never to wonder where your next meal is coming from on Highway 5.

Waterton River Trail Rides

It is so rare that most of us get a chance to go horseback riding. Be it because you don't know how or don't have the space for storage, Waterton River Trail Rides ensures that anyone who wants to try horseback riding will get a chance. No matter what you fancy, this surely will be of interest to anyone on their way down highway five. So, grab your cowboy hat, leather chaps, and lasso because it's horse riding time! Guided by the cowboy who grew up on the land, you'll have a scenic and sublime time and a great ride! There is no reason to say no to this adventure with everything you need to giddy up and get going.

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