The Importance of Stories in Indigenous Culture

May 3, 2022

The Blackfoot stories transfer the knowledge and skills of culture, language and traditions.   During the winter the Nitistapii would tell the stories and the transmission of knowledge would take place with the stories and conversations between the young and old.  Blackfoot stories were used to teach morals, ethics, and behaviors that were important to the Blackfoot.  The youth observed and learned the transfer of traditions through storytelling with the elders.  Spiritual awareness was taught through the stories. 

Elders say the lesson taught in the stories are the integrity of compassion, of generosity, of sharing, and of respect all of creation. Because all of creation comes from the Creator, who created the skies, and the earth, and the animals on the land, and the birds of the air, and the animals in the water. Everything is connected. The stories are embedded into our customs, many times shown in our lodge designs and in our ceremonial items.   

Through oral history the Blackfoot people transferred the legends and Napi stories from generation to generation.  These stories were meant to teach life’s lessons and teach the traditions of the Blackfoot.  The stories traverse the times, the Creation stories have been told since time immemorial.   

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