Disc Golf in Lethbridge

July 10, 2020

Did you know that Lethbridge is home to one of Canada’s longest and best disc golf courses? It’s true. If you’ve ever walked through Nicholas Sheran Park in West Lethbridge and wondered about the metal stands scattered around the park, well, they’re a part of the public disc golf course. It's a fun and addictive sport, and you should give it a try. We asked 2019 Jr World Putter Champion, Noah Higgins, to share the basics with us. Keep reading and watch the video!

How to play — A really simple overview

Disc Golf, also known as Frisbee golf, is played much like golf. But instead of a club and ball, players throw plastic flying discs at specially designed targets. All you need is a little bit of time, a disc or Frisbee, and Lethbridge’s eighteen-hole disc golf course, located in Nicholas Sheran Park.

  • The rules of disc golf are pretty straightforward. You start at hole one, and you play all 18 holes in order.

  • You'll find holes that are par threes, fours, and fives — that means it should take that many throws to complete them.

  • You start in the tee box and must stay behind the tee line. You throw your driver out into the fairway.

  • After walking to where your disc landed, you get to throw again. You must throw from behind your lie — where the disc had landed.

  • You repeat this until your disc reaches the basket. You want the disc to land in the bottom of the basket or chains above. At that point, you have completed the hole.

  • You play every hole like that up until the last hole. Then you tally your score to see who wins.

Types of discs

  • Driver — This aerodynamic disc has a wide rim, so it cuts through the wind fasterand therefore goes farther.

  • Midrange — This disc has a more blunt nose edge. It's also got a skinnier rim as compared to the driver. This way so it doesn't cut through the air as fast,and it doesn't go as far as a driver would. It's used for in-between distances.

  • Putter — The putter disc is is not meant to travel far. It's used for close-range throws when you're trying to get into the basket. It is very straight with a blunt edge to better catch the chains and stay in the basket.

A Couple of Shots

  • Hyzer — a shot that comes out of your hand to the right, then finishes left.

  • Anhyzer — The opposite of a hyzer. This shot comes out of your hand to the left, then to the right.

Get playing Disc Golf in Lethbridge?

While you could try out the course with an Ultimate Frisbee or dollar store disc but, a disc golf disc would be better. If you're just starting, learn how to throw a putter, then step up to a driver.


  • Games Galore, in the Park Place Mall, sells many varieties of discs.


  • If you're looking to try out the sport, the Backstreet Pub, across the street from Nicholas Sheran Park rents discs.


  • If you live in Lethbridge, get in touch with the Bridge City Gunners. The league is a great way to test your skills and maybe win prizes. Most of all, it's fun with other people who love to play.

Nicholas Sheran Disc Golf Course

Nicholas Sheran Disc Golf Course Etiquette

(from the City's Score and Rules sheet)

  • Park users have the right of way

  • A flying disc or Frisbee should not be thrown if it disturbs or interrupts the enjoyment of the park by other users

  • Never throw a flying disc or Frisbee, if there is the slightest chance of it landing on or near another park user

  • Requests to “play through” an area occupied by other park users should be made in a polite, courteous manner

  • Treat the park landscape and its natural features with respect to ensure passive play

  • Don’t Litter

  • Tread lightly and take care not to damage low shrubs

  • Never break a branch off a tree or bush to retrieve a disc from water obstacles or in a tree.

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