Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo Bucks Back Into Action for 2023!

August 11, 2023

After an incredible first year of bucking and bulldodging, the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo returns to the Lethbridge & District Exhibition from August 24th - 26th, 2023. A wide variety of horse racing and bull riding events put Southern Alberta's culture, history, and heritage on full display. Being the only CPRA rodeo hosted in Lethbridge, with a reward of $8,000 for its major events, the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo is an event you can't miss! Keep reading to discover many of the fantastic events that a ticket to the rodeo gets you access to!

Don't forget! This is the perfect chance to experience the brand-new Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre on the Lethbridge and District Exhibition Grounds. The 268,000 square foot Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre serves as a community hub and economic driver of growth for Alberta’s agriculture sector. The state of the art venue offers unmatched event experiences with 104,000 square feet of trade show space across four exhibition halls, bookable hosting space for conventions, sporting and entertainment events, banquets, conferences and more. From agricultural trade to corporate meetings and milestone celebrations, the Agri-food Hub & Trade Centre showcases the agricultural advantage of Southern Alberta.


Relay Races

There is no better way to enjoy Southern Alberta history and heritage than with the relay race events that are part of the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo this year! These races aren't for the faint of heart! Every night, some of the best riders at the rodeo take to the track and jump from horse to horse after each lap! Known as "North America's First Extreme-Sport," the relay races have been integral to Indigenous culture and ways of life in Southern Alberta for centuries. Experience culture and heritage tinged with adrenaline during the relay races each night at the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo.

Team Roping

Boasting the largest prize of the pro rodeo at $10,000, the team roping events are sure to bring in expert ropers, headers, and heelers alike. Two contestants head into the ring together on horseback and must work together with the highest level of cooperation possible to rope a steer as quickly as possible. The team that does this the fastest takes home the prize.

Barrel Racing

This event requires control, precision, and an unrivalled eye for detail. In a race against the clock, barrel racing contestants ride and guide their steed through a course of 3 barrels, making a 3-leafed clover pattern around them. This event can come down to a fraction of a second, so don’t blink when this exhilarating event is on at the Lethbridge & District Rodeo!

Bareback Riding

Bring on the bucking broncos with the bareback riding event! The bareback riding event sees riders on bare horseback holding on as long as possible while the horse does its best to buck them off. Only the leather handhold of a rigging to secure themselves, there is little keeping riders on the horse besides their bare hands and sheer strength. The goal is to hold on for at least 8 seconds, but the longer they hold on and the higher they spur, the better!

Steer Wrestling

Hand-eye coordination and strength are the deciding factors of the steer wrestling events at the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo. Riders on horseback chase after a steer, hoping to hop from their horse down to the steer, where they will grab it by the horns and halt it in its tracks before rolling it over on its side and calling it caught. Watch all the wrestling action and see riders grab glory by the horns during the steer racing events at the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo.

Bull Riding

Known as the most dangerous event at any rodeo and regarded as one of the most challenging 8 seconds in all of sports, the bull riding event is one you don’t want to miss at the Lethbridge & District Rodeo. Riders spend 8 seconds holding on to a single handhold on the back of an agitated, brawny, and bucking bull. If riders can maintain their grip, and keep their composure enough to use their feet to hold steady during the ride, they just might be able to take home the bull riding event prize!

So Much More!

That isn't even the complete list of events you can find at the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo when it moseys into town August 24th – 26th! You'll also be able to find: Tie Down Roping, Saddle Bronc, and Breakaway roping. With so many incredible rodeo events packed into two days, there is more than enough to see and experience at the Lethbridge & District Rodeo. Not to mention, this is all going on right next to Whoop-Up Days! Don't wait another minute; get your tickets here!

No matter what events you can catch at the Lethbridge & District Pro Rodeo, don’t forget to share them with us on social media with the #ExploreLethbridge! We love seeing how everyone explores and experiences Lethbridge and sharing our favourite shots posted with the tag to our social channels! Don’t worry, we always ask permission before reposting!

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