Lethbridge Astronomy Society Unveils Completed Solar System Model

June 1, 2022

The Lethbridge Astronomy Society is finally proud to unveil the completed Lethbridge Solar System Model project. on June 1st, 2022, at 2:00 at Chinook High School, the Lethbridge Astronomy society officially unveiled their completed solar system model around Lethbridge. The solar system model is a 1:253,000,000 of our very own solar system, with each planet placed at a scientifically accurate distance from all the others. The solar system model starts with our post office’s dome at its centre and expands. 

The unveiling featured speakers from the Lethbridge Astronomy Society, Chinook High School and Mayor Blaine Hyggen. The Lethbridge Astronomy Society chose the Chinook High School for the unveiling because it was the first to get excited about the project and help get the cogs turning to put it in place. After more than ten years of discussion and work, the Lethbridge Astronomy Society is proud to present its completed project to the public. 

The event also featured the work of a student at the Chinook High School, who put together a video presentation together for the unveiling showing off the different planets and their placements around the city. The student who made the video was Reid Decillia, who said the video was shot over two days and edited over several weeks; the video can be found below and on YouTube. 

To learn more about the Solar System Model and how to view each planet, head over to our guide on the Lethbridge Solar System Model.

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