Waterton Lakes National Park / Paahtómahksikimi

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Waterton Lakes National Park is a World Heritage Site and International Peace Park in Southern Alberta. From thrilling heights to beautiful sights, Waterton Lakes National Park is a well known World Heritage Site loved by tourists and Southern Albertans a like.


Waterton is home to many of the best trails to hike in Alberta. With scenic landscapes and vast mountains around the park, and world-renowned trails to test your hiking skills on. Bear’s Hump Hike, a picturesque trail that takes you through inclines and incredible views. The Crypt Lake Trail, named one of the top 20 most thrilling hikes in North America by National Geographic, is sure to challenge any hiker.


If you prefer to stick to roads instead of trails, there are still options to get outside and have some fun in Waterton. If you’re looking for a leisurely , then you’re in luck. Blakiston & Co. have E-Bikes for rental, which you can then ride around the townsite, or you can rent Surrey bikes at Pat’s Gas and Cycle Rental.

Prince of Wales Hotel

Beautiful views of the lakes of Waterton meet comfort and luxury at the Prince of Wales Hotel. The hotel has been standing since August 1926, sitting above everything else, this is the best place to catch stunning views of the park. The hotel features a gift shop, the Royal Stewart dining room, and the Windsor Lounge and Afternoon Tea Room.

Waterton Townsite

The Waterton townsite features boutiques for small souvenirs and restaurants to grab a quick bite to eat between activities. Activities in the town site include Surrey bikes and E-Bikes. you can also catch the boat to crypt lake and the paddle boat tour from the townsite!

Canoeing & More

If you come to Waterton for the water, then Blakiston & Co. has all the rentals you need to get you and on the water. Paddle boarding, kayaking, and canoeing and the equipment needed for them are just a temporary rental away when you stop in at Blakiston & Co. in Waterton


Finish your adventure in Waterton off with some smaller walking trails and scenic drives. Going up the Akamina Parkway, you can enjoy a 16 KM drive up winding mountain roads ending at the gorgeous Cameron Lake!

Enjoy a Picnic before turning around Don’t forget to stop over at Cameron falls for a picture before you start the drive. Looking for another beautiful drive? The gorgeous Red Rock Parkway is a 15 KM drive through the Blakiston Valley.

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