Shopping in Downtown Lethbridge

April 8, 2021

Lethbridge’s downtown is studded with heritage buildings, alive with passionate makers and stores that create a truly unique shopping experience for residents and visitors alike. Many of these local stores share space with Galt Gardens (the perfect place for a mid-spree rest), restaurants to maintain your stamina, and Park Place Mall – so you can continue shopping well into the evening!

All these possibilities make the downtown loop a must-see for visitors, whether you just really like to shop, or want to experience a bit of the city’s soul.

Parking downtown Lethbridge

There’s lots of paid parking around downtown (free after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays), however, your best bet for all-day uninterrupted parking (other than on weekends when it’s free) is at the Lethbridge Park & Ride.

From here, take the 5-minute stroll to downtown, and let your senses guide you. There are always new little shops cropping up, so if another place not mentioned grabs your attention, be sure to pop in!

Lethbridge downtown shopping loop itinerary

Splurge & Co

Quaint and charming, this little haven is loved by local ladies. Splurge offers some truly cute and trendy women’s clothing, accessories and housewares – and the super-friendly staff is always ready to assist. From one-of-a-kind pieces to classic staples, you’ll find more than you need to sweeten your wardrobe!


The Populess Company

On the opposite side of the scale, this masculine store exudes blue-collar, hard-working energy. With tasteful, extremely high-quality items from denim to hand-made leather goods, the boys at Populess are an integral part of the downtown scene. Borderline is also located downstairs offering a great selection of skate and snowboard gear.


Baby Laurel & Co

Looking for a gift for that special toddler in your life? Baby Laurel has everything you could possibly need!  With tons of beautiful baby goods, you can shop everything from baby seats and books to toys, clothing, nursery items – and (yes) more!


Ash and Antler Boutique

Another fashionable, female-centric clothing boutique, Ash and Antler features a select curation of beautiful clothing for women. From shoes and jackets to dresses and casual wear, this is a must-stop shop for those looking for good quality and affordable prices.


–> Feeling peckish? Grab a light bite at popular locales: Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant or Tacos Made in Mexico!


Art isn’t the only curation at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery! Near the front entrance of the gallery, SAAG features a delightful collection of locally-made goods like jewelry (from artist Tonya Spears) and ceramics (from artist Tanya Doody) to stickers, housewares and more.


The Sill and Soil

Plants make life better. Why not ‘aloe’ yourself a succulent succulent, a friendly fern – a string (or two) of pearls? Sill and Soil is more than a greenhouse. Between its many, locally-made pots to its uber-creative plant potting, Sill and Soil gives customers an entirely new appreciation for greenery.



A little bit of this and a lot of that, Silla is packed to the brim with just about every houseware you can think of. Items are trendy and cute, ranging from jewelry, posters, candles, clothing, hats, barware, planters, and other knick-knacks too plenty to mention! It’s also the perfect spot to shop for gifts.


Urban Prairie

Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the farmers – whatever the factor – Southern Alberta is known for its antiquing, and Urban Prairie is your entrance to a world of nostalgia and unique decor. The storehouses multiple vendors and packs treasures into every corner, from vintage bicycles and vibrant Fire King mugs to eclectic furniture and authentic items from grandpappy’s closet.



Looking for some traditional Japanese groceries and giftware? Nakagamas, nestled in Lethbridge’s Chinese district, is your best bet. This Asian grocer/housewares store has operated in town since 1947, offering everything from ceramics and dishware to seaweed, soy sauce and traditional green tea.


How Sweet Inc.

To satisfy your sweet tooth – or get in your nephew’s/niece’s good books – head to Lethbridge’s downtown sweets shop, where you can get classics like saltwater taffy and PEZ, or treats made by local candy-crafters like WHIPS. This candy shop carries just about every kind of chocolate or candy you could be in the mood for!


–> You look thirsty. Time for some fresh-pressed juice at Solstice Juice Co.!

Street Legal Records

Everyone’s got vinyl these days, right? Add to your own growing collection at Street Legal Records, where they carry everything from the latest hits, to some classic and nostalgic oldies. There’s even a tapes section if you really want to get blasted to the past(ed)!


Analog Books

A quaint and classy little book shop, Analog has a great curated collection of books, pens and journals. The shop even features a crackling fireplace – complete with Hugo, the shop cat! – where you can rest and read your chosen books.

*If you’re looking for used books, head to either Echo Books next to The Penny Coffee House, or Big John’s Books next to Baby Laurel & Co.


Purple Hippo Boutique

Where all the knick-knacks gather, Purple Hippo is as wacky and wonderful as its name suggests. Loved by locals, this kitschy shop is where denizens come to grab cute and hilarious giftware for friends and family, or baubles to charm up their own space.



You’ve picked up a plant – but what about fresh-cut flowers so unique they might make you burst out laughing? Ok, maybe not that far, but Bloomdiggity is one of the wildest flower shops you’ll visit. Florals include traditional bouquets, and out-there blooms sure to delight your senses!


–> To end your shopping loop, head to Telegraph Taphouse for a pint on their lovely outdoor patio!

Downtown restaurants in Lethbridge

In-between your shopping and bopping, you’re likely to feel some hunger pangs. While we’ve mentioned a few above where appropriate, there are plenty more palate-pleasing places to sit down and enjoy a snack or beverage in downtown Lethbridge. So, if the above choices aren’t hitting the spot, try one of the below:

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