Winter Lights Festival

Enjoy the quiet of a dark winter night – the crunch of your feet in the snow and colourful Christmas lights winking between bare branches. 

Winter’s not the typical time to take in a garden walk, but Nikka Yuko’s Winter Lights Festival stands tradition on its head. The garden, designed by landscape architects from Osaka, Japan, is breathtaking year-round – especially with the hours volunteers work to decorate with lights. Add in a hot drink and Lethbridge’s chilly winter nights get a lot warmer, brighter – and cozier!

Nikka Yuko Winter Lights at a glance

  • Date: December through January

  • How to get there: Nikka Yuko is nestled between the shores of Henderson Lake and Mayor Magrath Drive and comes with plenty of parking.

  • Where to stay: For budget options, stay at the conveniently-located Superlodge or Travelodge. For a more upscale experience, head to The Coast.

  • What to bring: Winter clothing and money for a hot drink and snacks!

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