Be SURE to be insured

November 27, 2018

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Remember to bring a copy of your policy AND scan it or make a copy you can leave with a loved one back home. Having proof of your coverage is essential.

Your vacation plans can suddenly change, you could fall ill or any number of unexpected twists could happen. Be insured. If this is your life long dream destination you’ve worked all of your life to be able to do, don’t ruin it by opting out of one of the most critical things you need.

Whether you live, work or are just travelling to another country or even locally, its important to have travel insurance that BEST suits your needs. Get out there and enjoy your life!

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Peace of Mind is PRICELESS on your dream vacation — insurance protects you against the unexpected event wiping out your bank account!

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Many packages include flight, baggage and cancellation with medical. All have value but your credit card may already cover you.

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Don’t get caught out uninsured — pre-existing medical conditions typically will not be covered. Talk to your insurer and get it in writing.

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Bungee jumping and rock climbing in exotic locations are thrilling and often not included in your insurance. If you plan to try adventure activities, check!

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