Lethbridge Food Trucks Operating in 2023

June 13, 2023

There's lot's to love about the local food in Lethbridge, including Lethbridge food trucks! These trucks help add to the the local food for local good of Lethbridge.

With such a vibrant, delicious, and fresh local food scene, it’s no surprise that we also have a great selection of local Lethbridge food trucks that can be found migrating nomadically around the city and the various events around Lethbridge. From the authentic Barbecue from Ma & Pa's BBQ, to the sweet and fizzy drinks at Jerry’s Pop Shop, there’s a Lethbridge food truck for everyone!

Food Truck Fridays at Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Enjoy a plethora of the best food trucks in all of Lethbridge at Food Truck Fridays, every Friday from Friday May 26th, to September 29th. You can find all the food trucks listed in the table below in the parking areas of Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden just off of Mayor Magrath Drive everything Friday from 11 AM - 7 PM. No matter if you're after brunch lunch or dinner, Food truck Fridays has you covered week after week!

Food Trucks Participating in Food Truck Fridays:




Santeria Taco Truck

Westwind Kettlecorn

Colour Street

Ma n Pa BBQ

Jerry's Pop Shop

Everlasting Links

That Hawaiian Burger Truck

Fluff n' Stuff

Crafty Brat

Mama Lo's

Macs n Custard

Fabulously Fashionable

Piggyback Poutinerie

Bubble Tea

Vesano Pizza

Pita Pit


If you are lucky enough to be at an event that Vesano is at, then you are in for an authentic and delicious treat from the best pizza food truck Lethbridge has. Their Authentic Napoli-Style Pizzas and their hand made dough are truly divine. Just make sure you get it while it's hot; with pizza like this on delicious handmade dough, it’s no surprise they sometimes sell out of dough before they can satisfy demand for their incredible pizzas. If you don't get lucky enough to see their truck out and about, you can also find them at their permanent location inside Theoretically Brewing!

Crepe Affair

For all the French food lovers in Lethbridge, there is the delicious food truck called "Crepe Affair" serving delicious, fresh, and local crepes! They don't stop at their delicious and decadent selection of crepes though! They also offer a selection of fruit smoothies, tea, coffee, and slushies! No matter your cravings, be it for sweet or savoury, Crepe Affair has you covered!

Jerry's Pop Shop Lethbridge

If you’re looking for a sweet and fizzy treat while out at an event, then the best truck to grab a drink at is obviously the locally beloved Jerry’s Pop Shop. With bubbly and fun flavours and the staple classics of the soda machine as their bases, you’re in for a sweet treat that is both familiar and deliciously new.

Piggyback Poutinerie

Dylan’s Piggyback Poutinerie takes its delicious poutine to you with the Piggyback Poutinerie food truck. Whether its Whoop-Up Days, or one of the many other events they can be found at throughout the summer, Dylan’s Piggyback Poutinerie is ready to serve up some delicious and decadent poutine to you wherever you are.

Swirls Lethbridge

The delicious frozen treats and incredible soft serve you know and love from Swirls on Mayor Magrath takes their sweets to the streets with the Swirls food truck! Ice cream sandwiches, sundaes and everything else you know and love about swirls, all at the events you look forward to all year. What’s not to love about that combo? Don’t get left out in the cold, and get some Swirls Ice Cream from their truck this summer!

That Hawaiian Burger Truck

That Hawaiian Burger Truck brings a slice of the islands to the windy city with their Hawaiian cuisine inspired creations. From their Hawaiian donuts to their pineapple topped burgers, there is a small piece of island life stitched into the fabric of this Hawaiian food truck that Lethbridge just can’t get enough of.

Tail-Gators Lethbridge

Tail-Gators has incredible lemonades, iced teas, and shaved ice at all the best events in Lethbridge this summer. While the days may get hotter as the summer draws on, the drinks at Tail-Gators stay ice cold and refreshing, no matter where they are located in the city.

Ma & Pa’s BBQ

Ma & Pa’s BBQ is the truck in town for a classic homestyle feel of a BBQ dinner with Ma & Pa. With all the classic offerings you'd expect from a delicious BBQ joint, and all from the comfort and convenience of it coming to you in a food truck, there’s certainly somethings special about Ma & Pa’s BBQ.

The Frozen Yogurt Spot

The Frozen Yogurt Spot is the best Lethbridge food truck to get delicious frozen yogurt from on a hot summer's day. Whether you’re at one of the many events around the city this summer or just happen to be enjoying a day at the park they pop up at, The Frozen Yogurt Spot’s always got a delicious cool treat ready to be served up.

Rolling Bone Smoke Shack

A recent addition to the food truck scene in Lethbridge – this amazing little truck is on the move smoking and charbroiling on the go. Unlike any other of the BBQ food trucks out on the roads in Lethbridge, they are able to smoke and charbroil all their meats right from the comfort of their truck. The result? An incredible and delicious experience with some of the finest food truck meats you’ll ever eat.

SIPS Shaved Ice and Soda

Looking for something to quench your thirst and beat the heat while out and about this summer? This Lethbridge food truck has just the thing for you! SIPS Shaved Ice and Soda has delicious drinks and cool treats to help keep you chilled out all summer long.

Model T Smokies

Model T Smokies is your go to Lethbridge food truck for an amazing hot dog you won’t ever forget. With their classic car-shaped stand and their delicious dogs, they are almost impossible to miss when out and about anywhere in the city during the summer 

Macs and Custard

Macs and Custard is the best Lethbridge food truck in the city to find delicious french macaroons and gourmet frozen custard this summer. From decadent and delicious flavours to the more restrained and regular, they have something for all palettes. Find them and their delicious treats at many of the big events in and around Lethbridge this summer.

Jackie’s Kitchen

Jackie’s Kitchen is one half food truck one half catering business, both supplying amazing food to the Lethbridge area. Whether it’s at the Downtown Farmers' Market all summer long, or at one of the many events in and around Lethbridge this summer; Jackie’s Kitchen is the best place to get some amazing high quality home classics.

Dancing Lemon Lemonade

Shake off the heat and feel the beat with The Dancing Lemon Lemonade. This truck has the freshest squeeze in Southern Alberta, with the best quality fresh lemonade out there. Whether you’re looking for the classic kind or something a bit wilder, they have what it takes to quench your thirst. Pucker up and get your feet moving with The Dancing Lemon Lemonade!

Coulee Dogs and Dough

Go ahead, ask them about their wieners. At Coulee Dogs and Dough, the name of the game is delicious gourmet hotdogs served up on fresh baked buns. What’s makes this Lethbridge food truck even better is their delicious and fresh pretzels and pretzel bites. Find them around town and at many of the big events happening in Lethbridge this summer.

To find out more about all the amazing local offerings in Lethbridge, check out our food page.

Food Truck Friends from Out of Town in Lethbridge 

If you’ve tried all that Lethbridge has to offer and have found your personal favourites, then feel free to try some of the other amazing food trucks local to Southern Alberta. While they aren’t always in town, when the wind blows them in, it's always a treat. So, give our Southern Albertan neighbours a try, alongside all the amazing local Lethbridge food trucks!

Rocky Mountain Gut truck 

The Rocky Mountain Gut Truck has every kind of burger you could hope for, with all the highest quality ingredients and impeccable combinations There’s nothing not to love about the amazing offerings at Rocky Mountain Gut Truck. While they may not be local to Lethbridge, they certainly match the local spirit and dedication to great food.

Santeria Taco Truck 

Santeria Taco Truck is a taste of Mexico in Southern Alberta, based out of the southwest. With their impeccable tacos, and amazing sides, like Mrs. Browns rice, there’s something that everyone can love at The Santeria Taco Truck. Even for those who aren’t the biggest fans of Mexican cuisine, there’s the cheesecake burrito for dessert 

The Moose Lick

Based out of Pincher Creek, The Moose Lick is serving up sweet treats to Southern Alberta from the road. With their giant ice cream cones and Hawaiian shaved ice, they are sure to beat the heat wherever they go. If you’re lucky, you can catch them at a few events and around town during the summer.

Blackfoot Grill

Blackfoot Grill was started by a father and son duo for the Blood Reserve back in 2016 in Southern Alberta. From then on, the Blackfoot Grill has been serving delicious and Indigenous cuisine inspired snacks and food. From their catering and restaurant based operations, to their food truck that takes it all to the road and all over Southern Alberta, they are always serving something delicious; if you can find them when they are in Lethbridge, be sure to give them a try!

Lou’s Soda and Sweets

Lou’s Soda and Sweets is working to bring something sweet to all of Southern AB. While they may be based out of Taber, they tend to get around all the cities in Southern Alberta at least once to serve up their delicacies under the sun. Soft Sugar Cookies and fizzy gourmet soda is just the beginning of the delicious offerings at Lou’s Soda and Sweets.

Dolf’s Meats and Sweets

Dolf’s Meats and Sweets based out of Taber is the best place to find mouthwatering and fresh meats alongside some fresh spun cotton candy and other desserts du jour. While they are based out of the Taber Curling Club, they also take their meats and sweets out on the road in their food truck. Find them around Southern Alberta this summer! 

La Real Mexicana

La Real Mexicana serves up tasty frozen treats all summer long from their food truck; with authentic Mexican cuisine, unique flavoured popsicles, and ice cream. With incredible popsicle offerings like bubblegum and chocoalmond, and classic ice cream flavours including non-dairy options, La Real Mexicana is the best Taber based truck to grab a cold treat this summer!

Find out more about all the amazing local food for local good options in Lethbridge, including some of the amazing restaurants that operate food trucks, at TourismLethbridge.com/Food! As well, if you're looking for something more stationary, we have stories all about the best local Lethbridge restaurants on each side of the city.

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