Dining Around the World in Lethbridge

May 9, 2022

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Diverse, delicious, devilishly decadent — whatever your taste buds desire, it’s time you discover delicious dining in Lethbridge. As the economic centre of Southern Alberta and sitting at the heart of Canada's Premier Food Corridor, Lethbridge has a range of lip-smacking snacks to satisfy your hunger.

European Cuisine

Miro Bistro

Located in the heart of our vibrant downtown is the one and only Miro Bistro. This beautiful space has been serving our community since 2003 with delicious high-quality foods and a casual yet sophisticated dining experience. Whether you’re taking someone you hope to impress on a night out or have family coming into town and want to show them all that Lethbridge’s local restaurants can offer, look no further than Miro’s Bistro! Operated and owned since its inception by Miro Kyjac, Kyjac seeks to serve up all your favourite dishes with a European influence.


The Wooden Shoe European Food Market

Fresh bread, delicious soups and sandwiches and a deli with a great selection, there’s everything to love about the Wooden Shoe! Whether you’re looking for a hot meal around lunchtime or just need that one special meat to make your own master sandwich, you’ll be able to find it at the Wooden Shoe! Their deli has an incredible selection of meats and sausages made by local butchers using their authentic recipes. All are made gluten-free, low in sodium, and with no MSG, filler, or binders. They also offer some amazing gift baskets featuring many of the amazing items they offer in store!


Bourbon and Butter

One of the only, if not the only, places in Lethbridge to get some of the finer things in life (and fine French cuisine) from frog legs to duck confit, bay scallops, and the well-loved Brûléed Bone Marrow; Bourbon and Butter offers some of the finest dinings you can find in Lethbridge. In addition to their delicious food, you can expect a welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff, and some incredibly unique drink options.


Steel and Vines

If you’re looking for fine wines in Lethbridge and delicious food to pair, look no further than Steel and Vines! This delightful little bistro situated downtown hosts wonderful wine tastings in Lethbridge, as well as offers some delicious food and beverages for those not interested in a wine tasting. On top of all their delicious French cuisine-inspired food and drinks, they also are known to regularly team up with other local businesses to create even more scrumptious offerings.


Mediterranean Cuisine

El Greco Cuisine

Get your Greek on with El Greco Cuisine! El Greco Cuisine is serving up some of the best Greek and Mediterranean options in the city. From calamari to souvlaki – this is one of the only places in the city to get real and authentic Greek food. 


Italian Table

Get familia with some of the delicious offerings from the Italian table. If you are looking for some fine pasta or delicious specialty cocktails, there is no greater place to turn than this delicious slice of Italy, right in our very own downtown. Not to mention, they have their own rewards program. Each dollar you spend is a dollar towards even more delicious food from the Italian table.


Mediterranean Mazza Bar and Western Food

The Mediterranean Mazza Bar isn’t your regular Mediterranean spot. They’ve got a little bit of everything from shawarma to donairs that they can’t wait to serve you. No matter your mood, the Mediterranean Mazza Bar has something for you!


Two Guys and a Pizza Place

Two Guys and a Pizza Place, while simple in concept, has proved that Lethbridge can not only make some amazing pizza but create some of the best pizza in all of Alberta. Sure, you could go for the basic cheese or pepperoni, but at Two Guys, they are known for their experimental and consistently delicious creations. Ever had mashed potatoes on a pizza? You, like many others, might think it bizarre, but until you try the Perogy Pizazz 2.0, you just can’t understand the hype.


Bridge Pizza

Bridge Pizza is the only local shop slinging dough on the west side. Making all their pizzas from scratch, bridge pizza also offers delicious and unheard-of flavours, such as the "Pesto Club" or the "Bee Sting" pizzas. While they also offer wings, salads, and of course, calzones, what some might be most interested in trying, is their apple pie pizza.


Tops Pizza and Spaghetti House

As a staple of Lethbridge restaurants and eateries, there is nothing that quite tops Top’s Pizza and Spaghetti House. Whether you want a simple cheese or something a little more extravagant, Tops will make sure you leave with their food spinning around your mind for days.


Via Cibo

Via Cibo is here to serve up some fresh and authentic Italian street food. Inspired by the streets of Italy, its people, and its food, Via Cibo is looking to serve something authentic and delicious, just like mama used to make.


Luigi’s North

Luigi’s has the best of all that Alberta farms have to offer. Form the beef that makes the delicious steak this place is known for, or the grains to make the pasta in the delicious pasta dishes served here; either way, everyone loves Luigi’s! Why does everyone love Luigi's? No one can really quite put their finger on it, but it certainly could be their commitment to using fresh and local ingredients for over 30 years!


Luigi’s Steakhouse

Luigi’s is a family-owned and operated Italian-inspired Steakhouse restaurant. Lethbridge for over 30 years. Priding itself in being a fusion between a casual steakhouse and one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city for over 30 years!


East-Asian Cuisine

O-Sho Japanese Sushi

O-Sho’s is one of the premier places in the city to get premium high-quality hand-crafted sushi and Japanese dishes. O-Sho’s is a well-known local Japanese restaurant in Lethbridge with incredibly delicious and decadent specialty rolls, Ramen, and all your other favourite Japanese dishes.


O-Sho Japanese Sushi Express

While the original is well-beloved, make no mistake, the express shop is just as good. Whether you live on the west side, or you’re just in the area and have a real hankering for some of the best sushi in town, then you are in luck since O-Sho Japanese Sushi Express will have you in and out in no time with some delicious food in hand.

Taro Noodle House

Taro Noodle House is the name; delicious broth is their game. Stationed out of the historical Old Hudson’s Bay Building, this noodle house is housing some of the most delicious bowls of authentic Asian-inspired noodles in the city. Whether you want something with a delicious beef broth or are looking to walk on the spicy side, they have a bowl of delicious needles that will surely satisfy your hunger.


KOKO Japanese Restaurant

Nestled in the center of the city is the delicious little shop known as KOKO Japanese Restaurant. While it might not look too big on the outside, don’t be fooled, there is big-time flavour waiting on the other side of the door. With a wide selection of ramen and sushi, they are sure to have all your favourite on hand, right in the center of our downtown!


Dumpling House

Are you having dizzying dreams of dumpling in your sleep? Well, wake up and smell the fresh dumplings over at Dumpling House on Heritage Blvd. with a fine selection of not just dumplings as the name might have you believe, but some incredible east-asian inspired foods as well.


Thuan Hoa 

Just off of Mayor Magrath Drive is Thuan Hoa Vietnamese. Whether you need a spicy soup to kick a cold or you’re in search of a delicious seafood wonton, then look no further than this amazing spot just off Mayor Magrath Drive.


Ciao Mein Italian/Chinese

Talk about the team up of a lifetime, at Ciao Mein Italian and Chinese you can get all the best of both worlds, with their combination menu of classic American Chinese foods, and classic Italian dishes, there is something from both sides of the continent at this amazing restaurant.


Fusion Sushi and Thai

Fusion Sushi and Thai is a great place to go with a big crowd and empty stomachs. With their unique iPad-based ordering system and their all-you-can-eat options, it’s easier than ever to make sure that everyone at the table gets exactly what they want. From classic sushi to some more exotic east Asian dishes, fusion has something for everyone; and they can have as much as they want!


MAMA LA Vietnamese Cuisine

Mama La is the best place on the west side to find all your favourite Vietnamese dishes and treats. Whether it's one of their delicious bubble teas you’re after or their soups and rolls, there is a reason that mama la is a west side staple. Find it among all the other amazing shops in the crossings shopping center!


New Shanghai Golden Chopstick Restaurant

Just off of 3rd Ave is the classic New Shanghai Golden Chopstick restaurant, who not only can serve you some delicious Chinese food but can supply it to your banquet with the amazing Chinese food as well. Winner of best of the best two years in a row, you can guarantee they’ve got some of the best Chinese food in the city. 


Hong Kong Gardens

Placed on the north side by No Frills is the delicious Hong Kong Gardens, who have been around long enough to know how to make some seriously delicious Chinese food. From the classics to the lesser-known traditional dishes, this is surely a garden full of the finest of flowers and food.

ITEA Express

ITEA Express, just off of scenic drive on the city's north side, is a small little stop for some amazing Vietnamese food and bubble tea. While they may not be big, their delicious food will leave a mighty impact on your memory, one that will keep you coming back for more. It’s also one of the only places in the city to get authentic thick-cut Vietnamese noodles!


Lighthouse Japanese Restaurant

Lighthouse is the beloved Japanese restaurant just across the street from casa. Housed in the beautiful light blue building reminiscent of the seas and the water light houses guiding the ships through are some delicious and high-quality sushi and Japanese dishes. Quaint, quiet, and obviously great tasting, there is nothing not to love about Lighthouse.


Sông Thuân Vietnamese Restaurant

On the Northside of Lethbridge is the Sông Thuân Vietnamese Restaurant, home of what is believed by many to be some of the best pho you can find in the city. Even if pho isn’t your thing, this has been a staple Vietnamese restaurant in Lethbridge for more than a decade. Having stood the test of time, it’s safe to say this is a great place to try your new favourite Vietnamese dish.

The Original Shanghai Chop House

When they say original, they mean it. This iconic staple of the downtown cityscape has been serving some of the best, freshest, and longest-lasting food in the city since 1949 (which is longer than our very own mayor has been alive!); no matter what you are looking for, you can be sure that the Original Shanghai Chop House has been serving longer than anyone else in town. With that kind of longevity, you know it must be good!

Dono Sushi

Placed just beside Henderson lake park, Dono Sushi is the perfect place to go if you want to see the beautiful Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens, then walk about a block to have some delicious authentic Japanese cuisine. Its unique locations make it the closest restaurant to the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens, making for the perfect place to continue your exploration appreciation of the vibrant Japanese community and culture found in Lethbridge!

Makisu Sushi

All aboard the all-you-can-eat express! Makisu is known not only for how good their food is, but for their amazing offerings of all-you-can-eat lunch and dinner options. Both the lunch and dinner have differing menus, full of delicious Japanese dishes. Simply place your order on the slip of paper they give you, hand it off to your waiter and get ready to feast!


Imperial China 

Stationed out on 4th Ave is the Imperial China restaurant. While a little bit closer to the city's edge, their food is anything but a fringe phenomenon. With delicious meals and amazing options, all in a convenient location if you’re staying in one of the many hotels in the area!


Enjoy Gardens Chinese Restaurant

Enjoy Gardens Chinese Restaurant on the Northside is not only close to Chinook Heights and the many other residential areas in Lethbridge. You’re sure to have a quiet and delightful meal here while enjoying what many have said are the best portions you can find in the city!

Modern Chinese

Modern Chinese is a staple of the downtown food scene. While they may not have always gone by the name modern chinese, their food has always been top quality and top of mind when locals are looking for a place to grab a bite to eat. Located right across from Park Place Mall and Galt Gardens, Modern Chinese has some of the best Chinese food Downtown.

Latin American Cuisine

It’s like a fiesta in your mouth! Lethbridge has many great Mexican restaurants to choose from for an authentic Mexican experience.

Tacos Made in Mexico

Tacos made in Mexico is a local, family-owned, taqueria with some of the best authentic Mexican food you can find in town. Located in the heart of our downtown, right across the street from Galt Gardens, Tacos Made in Mexico is serves some of the most delicious Mexican foods, focusing on offering seasonal options from the rich tapestry of Latin American cuisine!


Cafe Verde

Right off Mayor Magrath, Café Verde sits with their delicious menu and amazing offerings you won’t find anywhere else in the city. Freshly made food, Fresh horchata, and even dole whip on hand and an authentic atmosphere, there is something that everyone can appreciate about Café Verde and their authentic Mexican cuisine.


Antojitos Latin Cravings

Antojitos Latin Cravings is a delicious Latin American food vendor you can find at our farmer’s market in the Lethbridge exhibition park. No matter what Latin American treat you are craving, they are sure to have it. All their offerings are inspired by the Latin American culture and the vibrant and bright dishes found all over Latin America!


Middle Eastern Cuisine

Sam’s Donair’s and Hamburgers

Sam’s Donair’s and Hamburgers is just off the side of Mayor Magrath Drive, and they offer some of the best local donairs you can find in the city. Even better, if your whole group aren’t huge fans of donairs, Sam’s still has many options for others to try. Stop into Sam’s and try one of their amazing donairs or delicious burgers!

South-Asian and Indian Cuisine

Mt. Everest

One of the only places in the city to get Nepalese food, Mt. Everest is also part Nepalese market. Whether you want one of the many dishes popular within the rich Nepalese culture, or you need an ingredient they have for a recipe of your own, Mt. Everest is here to provide the best Nepalese options in the city!


The Mango Tree

A staple since its opening in 2015, the mango tree has been filling the stomachs of Lethbridgians with their authentic and delicious Indian cuisine. Fresh naan bread alongside decadent and rich sauces for their delicious chicken-based dishes and, of course, their delicious rice dishes, all prepared in the Mango Trees unique clay oven.


New Taste of India 

Located in the heart of our downtown, New Taste of India is a delicious spot to get your fix of Indian cuisine without leaving downtown! With its vibrant and bright purple and yellow exterior it's certainly hard to miss, but it’s not hard to miss their amazing Indian cuisine offerings!


Saffron East Indian Restaurant 

Formerly known as the Taj, this restaurant may have switched up its name, but one thing is for certain, the food is still just as delicious and authentic as you’ll get in the city. Located downtown in Chinatown, this spot has become known for how authentic and delicious their food is.


Apna Tandoori Hut

Apna Tandoori Hut sits just across the street from Moxies on 3rd Ave S. As one of the larger Indian Cuisine Restaurant, they have the ability to host larger groups, as well as offer some of the same amazing quality Indian cuisine you can expect from all the Indian cuisine Restaurants within the city. Next time you are in the area, why not give the newest Indian cuisine in the city a shot?


Rivaaz Indian Pizza & Cuisine

Just diagonal from Henderson Lake, Rivaaz Indian Pizza and Cuisine offers a fusion of Indian cuisine and pizza to create a harmonious alliance to feed you and your whole group. No matter the wants or needs, there is certain to be something for everyone at Rivaaz. After a day at the park or playing golf by the lake, head over to Rivaaz Indian Pizza and Cuisine for the perfect meal to top off your day.


Rais Momo

As the only Nepalese restaurant in the city, Rais Momo certainly has big shoes to fill alongside Mt. Everest. Luckily they meet the challenge happily and serve some amazing Nepalese options. Located by Adams park, this is the perfect place to stop after a day spent on the ice at the Logan Boulet Ice Arena or a day spent at the park.


Casual Dining, Bistros, and Pubs

Streatside Eatery

Streatside Eatery is the best place in town to hunker down and enjoy an amazing local meal. for their beloved Chicken McMerle Sandwich to their delicious cheesecakes and everything else on the menu, Streatside Eatery has been serving up some of the best food in town since they opened. Don't forget to try some of their dill dip!


Owl Acoustic Lounge

Live music, great food, and delicious beer (if that’s your kind of thing), The Owl is one of the most unique places to catch a show or catch up with an old friend in the city’s downtown. The building features a large stage for local bands, as well as wide front-facing windows to get a clear view of the beautiful Galt Gardens across the street.


Mojo’s Pub and Grill

Mojo’s Pub and grill on the west is a great and convenient spot for you and any sized group of people to grab a bite to eat or get a drink. Placed in West Lethbridge Towne Centre, it’s close to many of the residential areas of the west side, as well as easily accessible from university drive.


Telegraph Taphouse

Locally owned, operated, and loved, Telegraph Taphouse has been a landmark of the downtown pub scene since its inception. Finds amazing local and non-local brews, delicious food, and of course, good times, all available on tap at Telegraph Taphouse.


Pop’s Pub

With locations on both the West, South and North end of the city, Pop's is here to serve its local communities with some amazing drinks and food, not too far from home. Whether you’re in the mood for one of their specials or one of the many staples of their menu, pop’s pub is happy to greet every customer with a smile and amazing food.





Ten Ten Pub

Ten Ten Pub is the perfect pub for a post-golf drink after a round of golf at the Henderson Lake Golf Course. This local pub has been serving this corner of the south side for more than 20 years, and with a great atmosphere and patio that is open during the summer, it's a a beloved local pub for any kind of meeting.


Kingsmen Ale House

Just off Mayor Magrath Dr., Kingsmen Ale House serves you some fine brews and great food, fit for even the pickiest of kings and queens. Whether you want some of the signature fries or are just coming in for a drink or two, Kingsmen is ready to treat you like the royalty you are.


The Duke Pub and Grill

The Duke is the best place on the west side out by the university is the best place for students and friends alike to grab a bite to eat and catch up. For years, The Duke has served the lively community of students working and living within the city who need somewhere to unwind after a long day of studies. With their daily food and drink specials, this is also an affordable spot for students on a tight budget who still want to grab a bite to eat with friends. 

Legends Pub and Grill

One of the best places in the city to grab a drink, some grub, and watch the game with friends or strangers. Legends is the ultimate location in Lethbridge for sports fans of all kinds, offering 40” HDTVs for the best sports viewing experience. The Pub also has the NFL Sunday ticket, NHL Centre Ice and all UFC PPV fights. To make the deal even more legendary, they offer a happy hour from 3 PM-7 PM daily and all day Sunday. Get some friends together, head over to Legends Pub and Grill and get ready to have a legendary time.

Honkers Pub and Eatery

Honkers Pub and Eatery is the pub you never knew you loved until you went. With a stage that features local acts and live performances, and delicious pub food, Honkers Pub and Eatery is sure to have your stomach full and your mind entertained.


Spectrum Ale Works

 The latest addition to craft brewing in town, Spectrum Ale Works serves core favourites and a rotating tap selection of unique and exciting brews. Whether you stop in to fill your growler (which you can also purchase here) or are enjoying a flight of samples in fun and welcoming tasting room, Spectrum Ale Works offers a taste of the prairies; by keeping their commitment to making great quality brews with natural and high-quality local ingredients to support the local economy.


The Place Arcade Bar and Nightspot

One of the newest places in town, the place is a one of its kind arcade and nightspot. Featuring amazing arcade machines, a lively dancefloor, and obviously drinks, this is definitely going to be the place you want to be on a weekend night.


Onion Bar & Grill / Flamingo

The Onion Bar and Grill is a great place to go to catch the game, play a round of pool, or even just to get a bite to eat the onion bar/Flamingo is your place to go. With a happy hour from 4 PM to 6 PM every day, and daily food specials, there is always a great deal at the onion bar and grill. Not to mention they have been serving North Lethbridge for more than 30 years.

Local Taphouse Bar and Grill

The Local Taphouse and bar, located on Mayor Magrath Dr. S is an easy to reach tap house just across the street from Henderson Lake. If you’re looking for a burger or something on the wild side like pistachio-crusted salmon or seafood mushroom caps, there’s always a new and delicious dish to try. In addition to their amazing beers, they also offer lively spirits and wine as well. No matter what you fancy, find it locally at the Local Taphouse.

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Cora’s offers delicious and wholesome breakfast offerings with a focus and fresh fruit in vibrant displays to accompany every breakfast. The sun never stops shining at Cora’s with a welcoming environment, surrounded by the fresh fruits that will soon be on your plate. Cora’s is the perfect place to start your day on the right foot.


Chef Stella’s

Chef Stella’s is a staple to the downtown center, and its many amazing restaurants that keep the culinary scene alive. Known for their classic diner feel and delicious breakfast and lunch options, this is a great little place to grab a bite to eat for breakfast, lunch, or brunch! Even better, if you aren’t sure what you want for breakfast, just treat yourself to Chef Stella’s delicious breakfast buffet! 


Paradise Canyon Restaurant

If you’re looking for a breakfast buffet with loads of options, endless amounts of bacon and even some fine desserts to finish things off then look no further than the Paradise Canyon Restaurant located at the Paradise Canyon Golf Resort.



Be it an early morning get-together or a morning-after brunch, there is nothing like the sophisticated yet casual atmosphere of Firestone paired with their delicious brunch and breakfast specials. They also offer a weekend brunch menu with specials such as avocado toast and banana bread French toast every Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.


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