Date Night in Lethbridge

April 10, 2021

Whether you’re visiting with your whole family and need a couple’s night out, or you’re looking for things to do on a first date, a romantic evening out is just a short drive (or even walk) away, wherever you happen to be in the city!

To help you plan your perfect romantic getaway, we’ve put together a variety of local dates that should create fertile ground for love to blossom. But, before you start making plans…


Always start with flowers

You can go out and see a film, a play or even for a walk in the park under a starlit sky, but it will never be as romantic without that first grand gesture – the flowers. Lucky for you, there are ample local shops around to whip up a bouquet that will have your partner swooning (or at least cooing).

For bouquets, shop at:

●       New Hope YQL (west side)

●       Bloomdiggity (downtown)

●       Marquis Flower Shop (downtown)

●       The Rose Garden (north side)

●       Bloom Flowers and Gifts (far south side)

If your dearest prefers live plants, head over to Sill and Soil for greenery that will keep on giving.

For something sweet, head downtown for:

●       Bernard Callebaut

●       How Sweet Inc. (who also offers candy bouquets)

●       Purdy’s in Park Place Mall.

Now that you’re ready to sweep your partner off their feet (if the wind hasn’t yet), it’s time to plan the event itself!

Date #1: The Classic Date Night à la Lethbridge

It may not be the most creative date night, but a walk, followed by dinner and a show is a classic for a reason. You get to spend some serious one-on-one time with your love while experiencing an event that should spur on conversation down the road.

As long as the wind isn’t up, we recommend starting with a pleasant walk around Henderson Lake Park. After the 20-30 minute loop, head for dinner at either Miró Bistro or Plum for delicious, high-quality fare and drinks. End the night at the Genevieve E. Yates Memorial Theatre with a play by New West Theatre, get moved by music with the Lethbridge Symphony at one of their locations, or, for something lower-key (in atmosphere, not music), catch a show at either Galaxy Cinemas or The Movie Mill!

Date #2: Heart-Pumping Love – and Adrenaline

While the restaurant/show stand-by is great, not everyone likes to sit for an extended period of time. For those who prefer to socialize on the move, there are plenty of opportunities here in Lethbridge.

Start with a sunset game of frolf (frisbee golf) at Nicholas Sheran Park, or if there’s inclement weather, get your heart pumping in an Escape Room like Underground Escape. Afterward, head to Coulee Climbing and learn to ‘boulder’ together, then end the night with hearty food and a pint at The Telegraph Taphouse where you can relive your date in conversation.

Date #3: Give Love Room to Bloom

A little quiet time is just as necessary as some alone time – especially if you’re escaping the family for an evening! If you and your partner are looking to spend some quality quiet time together, may we suggest a gallery or two?

For a relaxed start, head over to SAAG to view their current exhibitions. Then, if your appetite for art isn’t quite quenched, take the five-minute stroll to Casa and/or Mortar & Brick Gallery. Afterward, head to The Italian Table or Pizzeria San Marco for a romantic, Italian-style dinner out. For a late-night digestif, wander to the nearby Steel & Vines for some wine, or to Plum for hand-crafted cocktails. 

Date #4: A Daytime Date for Early Birds

Whether you’re looking for a more casual first date, or if it’s the only time that works to sneak away together, there are plenty of great day-date options in Lethbridge!

First up, head for a hearty breakfast at the downtown diner, Chef Stella’s, or to a local cafe to get caffeinated. Then park at Fort Whoop-Up in Indian Battle Park for a daytime stroll around this gorgeous park, and learn a little about the history of the area. Finish off with some shopping in downtown Lethbridge, and some delicious casual fare from Tacos Made in Mexico.

Date #5: A Trendy Night Out on the Town

If you prefer cocktails, music and lights over quiet walks in the park, then this date is your perfect match.

Start the evening nearly 100 feet above the city, at The Water Tower Grill & Bar. Take in the sunset view and sip from signature cocktails while you peruse a locally-sourced, globally-inspired menu. After dinner and a drink, head to The Owl Acoustic Lounge, or The Geomatic Attic for some live music that will end the night with a bang!

Bonus: Winter Wonderland (or is that Loverland?)

Unfortunately, it’s not always summertime in Lethbridge. The good news is: you’re not house-bound. Even if it’s cold enough to freeze the lakes solid, there’s still plenty to do for a couple in love!

Before you do anything, remember to warm up the car to prevent your partner from getting cold. Once it’s nice and toasty, cruise to the Annandale Christmas House, a heritage building with the grandest display of holiday cheer in the city. You can even take a tour inside, complete with a cup of hot chocolate!

Next, head to the Enmax Centre to cheer on the local WHL hockey team, The Lethbridge Hurricanes, as they battle it out in front of their hometown crowd. After the game, drive to Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens for a walk beneath glittering lights at their annual Winter Lights Festival.

Finally, to end the night right, head to Two Guys Pizza for a cozy booth and a slice (or three) of award-winning pizza – and a refreshing winter ale!

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