Lethbridge Bulls Baseball Club


What could be better than sitting in the stands on a blissfully warm summer evening, sun hanging low in the western sky, the announcer intense over the speakers calling the play by play, mustard slathered hotdog in hand as you watch a field full of talented ball players slide through the dust and generally do what they do best? 

The Lethbridge Bulls Baseball Club is a celebration of sport in the thick of summer’s glory. As part of the Western Major Baseball League, the Lethbridge Bulls put on a full season of spectacular sport in front of cheering crowds across southern Alberta and throughout western Canada. 

Home base in the team’s hometown of Lethbridge is Spitz Stadium, adjacent to Henderson Lake. Do yourself a favor this summer and take yourself out to the ball game, root for the home team, and catch the fever of a short-lived but truly glorious baseball season in southern Alberta.