International Empanada Festival

Southern Alberta Ethnic Association | Apr 23, 2022

The International Empanada Festival is a local initiative to honor one of the most famous street foods in the world. Each country has its own version, but the richness of flavors and presentation is common in all of them. What is an empanada? The word empanada literally means "wrapped in bread". The combinations of starchy shells and sweet or savory fillings, whether baked or fried. What is another word for empanadas? The concept of having a flat dough and putting any type of filling, folding, closing, and cooking is seen in different foods around the world. For example, perogies from Poland, patties from Jamaica, or samosas from India, but the same concept of empanada is there. The Empanada festival aims to gather all types of empanadas under the same roof and show the mosaic of culture within our community.

This year we are having:

  • Food vendors from Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia, Nepal and Poland, 

  • Craft  market

  • Kids Zone - Activities by Great Adventure Learning Centre

  • DJs and performers 

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