Packing Like a Pro, the Minimalist Traveller

November 20, 2018

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You will be tempted to pack more than you need but by being mobile your wallet will thank you. Pack your bag then repack again. Weed out unessentials and roll what you do bring. This prevents wrinkles and saves space for mementos you find on your trip.

Pack your electronics in another pouch with a universal travel adaptor — easier access for the security check at the airport and your convenience onboard.Your last thought should be a great accessible spot for passports, bank cards and credit cards, and money.

Once you begin to experience this way of travelling you will never reach for a big, bulky suitcase again!

Have a wonderful trip!

~ Your friends at Tourism Lethbridge

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Become a Minimalist Traveller for your next vacation. Carry-on is cheaper than checked luggage!

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Your perfect bag may be a backpack. Many can fit almost anywhere and transfer the load to your legs and hips, strong muscles.

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Consider what you really need and stick to it. Avoid 100 ml carry-on limits and buy larger liquids lik detergent on the road.

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Speaking of laundry, versatility is key so bring a MAX of 1-week’s clothing. 2 pairs of shoes is plenty—one pair on the feet and one in your bag.

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