Discover Lethbridge’s Environmental Attractions

February 9, 2022

Header photo by Maximo Lange

Welcome to Lethbridge, Alberta! We’re home to many things, but you be surprised to learn that we have tons going on when it comes to environmental initiatives. Firstly, we have the sixth-best solar resources on the planet, and we’re also a wind power hotbed. But that’s just the beginning!

 With Lethbridge being my hometown, I wanted to share all that we had going on when it came to environmental initiatives. So, through funding from TELUS STORYHIVE, I created the In Over My Head podcast, an interview-style show where I talk to environmental experts about how we can all do our part to save the planet. From talking with experts I discovered there are a lot of ways to enjoy our city while keeping your environmental impact low.

With over 200 km of trails throughout the city, there are lots to explore year-round. From the river bottom to 4 nature reserves, you can escape to nature without leaving the city! You can also visit the Helen Schuler Nature Centre and learn about the many animals that call this place home — check out their amazing programming and discover the wild side of Lethbridge. If you’re into birding, visit the Elizabeth Hall Wetlands and Pavan Park and other Nature Reserves in the city. If you want to further your appreciation of the natural environment, check out my chat with John Chief Calf, called Listening to Nature.

Photo by Maximo Lange

 Did you know the Oldman River flows through the city of Lethbridge?

Many locals spend their time exploring the river bottom by walking or a favourite low-emissions source of relaxation — floating down the river! In the Water Water Everywhere episode, I had a refreshing conversation with Shannon Frank From the Oldman Watershed Council all about our watershed and how to protect it. It’s a precious resource and by spending time in and around the Oldman River, you’ll appreciate it that much more. 

Free Fruit?

From apples to cherries Lethbridge is full of fruit trees ready for the picking! In the Down to Earth episode, Mandy Sandbach from the Lethbridge Sustainable Living Association mentioned their Fruit Rescue Program, where they collect fruit from trees that would otherwise go to waste and make good use of it. You can use this interactive map to go on your own fruit rescuing adventure! Who doesn’t love free fruit?

Photo by Maximo Lange

In the Tiny House Big Impact episode, Kathleen Sheppard from Environment Lethbridge told me about Seedy Saturday, a Spring event that promotes growing your food and eating and shopping locally. I can’t wait for this! There are many restaurants that source — or grow — locally sourced ingredients. Check out how amazing locally grown food is at Broxburn Vegetables and Café and Mocha Cabana!

So if you care about the planet, come to Lethbridge, and enjoy all the low-impact attractions we have to offer. Oh, and if you’re wondering if you should fly, drive, or maybe bike here, check out season two of the podcast, which is all about transportation.

Happy exploring,

Michael Bartz

In Over My Head Podcast Producer & Host

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