Art in The Great Outdoors and More in Lethbridge This Summer

July 15, 2021

Drama, comedy, romance, tragedy, and all the melodramatics and monologues in between, coming to you this summer, courtesy of New West Theatre’s Arts in the Parks. New normals call for new protocols, so this year new west is taking things outside like they’ve never done before, and guess what, the whole city’s invited!

Since 1990, New West Theatre has been captivating and delighting audiences both local and tourist in the Lethbridge area each summer, and of course this summer is no different. With so many events to choose from you’ll want to make sure you add New West Theatre to your calendar now, that way you don’t miss anything they’ve got in store this summer! What’s in store you might ask? Keep reading to find out!

What is Arts in the Parks?

This summer, New West Theatre is inviting you to celebrate Canada not just one day this year, but every weekend from July 10 to September 11. There will be a wide range of performances, such as family-friendly performances of “Hootenanny!”, local favourites and “Singing in the Sun” put on by the New West Theatre themselves. 

Couples and those leaving the young ones at home also have just as much to enjoy. You will find performances from the Little Lethbridge Opera Company, New West performances hosted in the beer gardens!  Want all the deets? Then keep reading on for info on all the great shows in store this summer. Check out the schedule below or visit with all the Arts in the Parks events listed.

All About the Parks... Where I Can Find the Arts (aka Where Can I Catch a Show?)

Henderson Lake Park

Henderson Lake Park, likely the most iconic park in Lethbridge is home not only to Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden and Henderson Pool but the beautiful Henderson Lake. Just off Mayor Magrath awaits Paved walkways, playgrounds, gazebos for hosting gatherings and of course a dock on the lake. This park is beloved by all if anything for its immense utility in facilitating all you could think of, within city limits. 


Nicholas Sheran Park

Over 100 acres of land, this park houses a multitude of amenities. From disc golf, fitness equipment, boating, fishing, outdoor skating and of course, an edible orchard. Nicholas Sheran Park is the park to be at if you are ever wanting to do, well, anything!


Legacy Park

With 73 acres of land, this park has more to offer than its multi-use asphalt courts, along with playground equipment and a full skate park. Additionally, the group picnic shelters and the Belvedere Lookout and one-of-a-kind world-class outdoor Amphitheatre right there in the park, no extra travel necessary. Making Legacy Park the place with everything you need to get active, get out there, and of course, have fun!


Civic Centre Park

Sitting on Barrack square, a historic site in Lethbridge, is Civic Centre Park. With a shale track, large, shady trees and wide-open spaces, whether you’re racing friends, training, or trying to beat your own personal bests, this is the place to get moving. This summer, with Arts in the Parks, get your body moving, calories burning and your cardio in dancing along to the music and work your core laughing at the hilarious lineup of comedy shows!


What else is there for my Kid, my own Little Star in the Making?

On top of everything else, throughout the summer New West Theatre has summer camps for all ages. Any kid looking to explore their artistic side, and really get into the drama of it all need look no further; with a focus on connection, creativity and growth. Kids ages 6-12 can expect: 

  • Murder Mysteries

  • High energy drama games

  • Crazy crafts

  • Creating their own films

With the ages 13-18 working as a “triple threat” camp, which combines singing, dancing and acting into one. Sound like something that would make your rising star gleam with excitement? Check out the New West Theatre summer camps page for more details.

Theatre Obsessed — More Information about the Troupes

Shakespeare in the Park

Since 2012, the Lethbridge Shakespeare Performance Society has hosted numerous performances of classic and iconic Shakespeare plays in Galt Gardens that have brought in thousands and thousands of residents and travellers alike, in flocks of 300 at a time to watch. Those who have grown to love the yearly occurrence need not worry, as this year is no different. With promising performances of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Romeo and Juliet” to name just a few titles, these are surely performances you don’t want to miss.

New West Theatre

For more than two decades, New West Theatre has been working to engage audiences and perform a multitude of live shows, spanning across many genres, for Lethbridge audiences both local and tourist. Annually producing 5 different full-length shows, one of the most notable ventures is the New West Theatre Arts in the Parks Program which looks to bring art right to you, in the great outdoors of our beloved city. Hosting events to be enjoyed by all ages, or with something just for adults at the beer gardens, New West Theatre has something up their sleeve this summer to get you and their good friend art closer than ever before!


Geomatic Attic

Since its first show in 2008, the Geomatic Attic has been a great place for lovers of all live music to meet and enjoy high-quality performances in an intimate and atmospheric setting. This 100 seat theatre and the adjoining lobby is also home to an art gallery, where visitors can browse pieces contributed by the community, as well as host yoga classes and other wellness-related activities for the active and vibrant community they have fostered in the years since their opening.


Keep Exploring Arts in Lethbridge

With so many great artistic initiatives in the city going on year-round, it can be hard to catch them all, that’s why we have our Arts and Culture Page to help you find all the exuberant and enriching art and culture our city has to offer. Plus, you can add them all to your itinerary directly from the page. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your next artistically enchanted outing now!

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