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May 12, 2020

We are all very excited about the recent announcement of the relaunch program put out by the Government of Alberta but we need to make sure that we are following the guidelines put out so everyone will be able to enjoy all the wonderful things Lethbridge has to offer. Remember Lethbridge it will still be very important to support #YQLocal during all stages of the relaunch as well as after!

For all of our #YQLocal businesses, the Alberta Government has compiled a great website to help you learn about what the relaunch means for you!

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Important things to know about the Stages of the Relaunch:

The government will be opening up the province slowly and new stages will be introduced depending on the ability to keep case numbers low in the province.

Social distancing and mask use will still be important to upkeep to help keep the number of cases low.

Opening at the beginning of May

  • Boat Launches in some provincial parks

  • Parking lots and staging areas on public lands and parks

  • Golf Courses (with restrictions)

  • AHS can resume some scheduled, non-urgent surgeries

  • Dental and other regulated health- care workers can resume service with approved guidelines

  • Mid May

  • Alberta Parks’ online campground reservation system will be open for bookings starting June 1, 2020

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Stage 1

Could start as early as May 14, 2020

  • Some retail businesses like clothing, furniture and book stores.

  • All farmers' market vendors.

  • Check out exhbitionpark.ca for more information on Lethbridge farmers’ markets

  • Some personal services like hair styling and barbershops.

  • More scheduled surgeries and dental procedures.

  • Cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars can reopen for public seating at 50% capacity, but people will not be able to go to the bar to order drinks, they will need to be served at the table.

  • Museums and art galleries.

  • Some additional outdoor recreation.

  • Daycares and out-of-school care, with occupancy limits.

  • Summer camps, with occupancy limits (this could include summer school).

  • Post-secondary institutions will continue course delivery, but method (online, in-person or blend) will depend on the restrictions in place at each phase.

Restrictions still apply

No gatherings more than 15 people

  • Festival, major sporting events and concerts are still not permitted

  • Movie theatres, pools, recreation centres, arenas, spas, nightclubs and gyms will remain closed

  • Visiting patients in health care facilities will remain limited

  • In-school classes for kindergarten to grade 12 students will remain prohibited.


  • Non-essential travel, especially outside the province, will remain not recommended.

  • Remote work is advised where possible

Stage 2

Stage 2 start time will depend on how well Stage 1 goes

Lifted Restrictions

  • Potential opening of K-12 schools, with restrictions.

  • Libraries, with restrictions.

  • More surgeries scheduled, including backlog elimination.

  • More personal services like artificial tanning, esthetics, cosmetic skin and body treatments, manicures, pedicures, waxing, facial treatments, massage and reflexology.

  • Larger gatherings permitted in some situations (number of people to be determined).

  • Restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars continue operating at reduced capacity.

  • Movie theatres and theatres, with restrictions.

Restrictions still apply

  • Visits to patients in health care facilities will remain limited.

  • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will remain closed.

  • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will not be permitted.


  • Non-essential travel will continue to not be recommended.

Stage 3

Progression to Stage 3 will be determined based on the success of stages 1 and 2.

Lifted restrictions

  • Fully reopening all businesses and services, with some restrictions.

  • Larger gatherings permitted (number of people to be determined).

  • Arts and culture festivals, concerts and major sporting events will be permitted with restrictions.

  • Nightclubs, gyms, pools, recreation centres and arenas will reopen, with restrictions.

  • Industry conferences can resume, with restrictions.

  • No restrictions on non-essential travel.

Continuing restrictions

Physical distancing restrictions will be maintained.

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