Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 in Lethbridge

June 16, 2022

Since 1996, Indigenous People’s Day on June 21st has celebrated, educated, and brought light to all the incredible contributions that Indigenous Canadians make to our country every day. We are extremely excited to celebrate the incredible culture, art, and lives of the Indigenous people of Canada! Below is a list of some of the different events happening around the city to help you celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 the right way!

Indigenous Peoples Day at Fort Whoop-Up

When: June 21st 1-4 PM Where: Fort Whoop-Up

Fort Whoop-Up in the river valley will be hosting some events and activities at their location on June 21st. You can stop by the fort from 1 PM to 4 PM. At the Fort, you can find Blackfoot berry soup and hot mint tea Along with a Mini-Powwow from 2 PM to 3 PM. Admission to this event is free, open to all ages, and sure to be a great way to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day. 

Indigenous Peoples Day at Lethbridge College

When: June 21st 11 AM – 4 PM Where: Lethbridge College

Lethbridge college has a full day of Indigenous programming to Celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day this year. The day Starts off with a coulee walk at 11 AM. Afterwards, at 12:30 PM, there is a Blackfoot Speaking Award launch with Dr. Sam Lenci will be presenting and remarks from Lowell Yellowhorn and Betty Ann Little Wolf. Following the awards there will be a beading workshop from 1:10 PM to 2 PM, and Powwow Dancers form 2 PM to 2:45 PM. To the day out there will be a Métis Jigging from 2:45 to 3:10 and an Indigenous peoples Showcase from 3 PM to 4PM to close out the day of festivities.

Indigenous Peoples Day at The University of Lethbridge

When: June 21st 11 AM – 12 PM Where: The University of Lethbridge

The University of Lethbridge will be hosting a Round Dance on June 21st to commemorate and celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day of 2022. The Round Dance will be held in the University Hall Atrium. The event is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend

Indigenous Peoples Day Flag Raising

When: June 21st 9 AM Where: City Hall 

The City of Lethbridge will be raising a flag commemorate Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 at city hall.

Lethbridge Metis Organization's Pop-in get Together

When: June 21st 5 PM Where: Lethbridge and Area Métis Office

Pop into the Lethbridge Metis Organizations office for a pop-in get together, with beading kits, mini sash kits, flag kits, and colouring books!

Indigenous Peoples Day at Galt Gardens

When: June 21st 9 AM Where: Galt Gardens

A Sage Clan Tipi will be set up and a Buffalo Teaching will take place from 10 AM – 11:30 AM on June 21.

More Events throughout the week

See the fun going throughout the week with these extra Indigenous Peoples day events!

Try Lacrosse in Galt Gardens

When: June 23rd  12 PM - 2 PM Where: Galt Gardens

Come on down to Galt Gardens to join the Lethbridge Sports Council and Chad Chief Moon to try you had at some lacrosse in Galt Gardens!

Spirit Horse Painting the Park

When: June 24th  1:30 PM – 3 PM Where: Galt Gardens

Enjoy some bannock and tea while enjoying the stories and painting horses to honour Indigenous culture and traditions in Galt Gardens with the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association & AHS outreach team.

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