Things to do from the comfort of your home

March 19, 2020

Lethbridge has a lot to offer, however, sometimes the weather or other situations prevent us from getting out and exploring all the wonderful things there are to do. Luckily we have taken out some of the guesswork for you and compiled a list of things to do in Lethbridge from the comfort of your own home.

Nikka Yuko

Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens has an amazing blog that explores the history of multiple generations of Japanese Canadians in Southern Alberta. Nikkei Tapestry beautifully tells the History of Japanese Canadians throughout different chapters of history.

Click Here to Find out More

Galt Museum

In need of a good podcast? Look no further than the Galt Museum’s Galtcasts! With four episodes already on their website you can learn about, Lethbridge’s art scene, Writing on Stone Provincial Park, the relationship between fantasy literature and the epic tradition and urban planning in Southern Alberta over 100 years ago!

Discover the Podcasts Here

Are all of the video streaming sites getting repetitive and boring? Looking for something new to watch? Check out the Galt Museums YouTube Channel for a great Playlist of Moving picture Archives and learn about Southern Alberta History!

Click Here to See the Playlist

Or explore some of the Galts past Exhibitions

Click Here to See Exhibitions

Two Cowboys

Explore Lethbridge through new eyes! Two Cowboys visited Lethbridge in 2017 and visited some of Lethbridge’s amazing sites. Learn about Fort Whoop Up, CASA, The Galt, Nikki Yuko Japanese Gardens and much more as you follow around the Two Cowboys! Not only do they have amazing videos but they also have great blogs to read.

Click Here to See the Playlist

Watch a Movie With Friends!

Now I know what you might be thinking — that would go against what everyone is telling us, we are supposed to be social distancing. And you'd be right we should all be staying at home to keep everyone safe, and you still will be! Google Chrome has come up with a way that we can all stay in our own homes but still have movie nights with our friends and family. Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows multiple people to watch the same movie or TV show at the same time in different locations with the ability to pause and play and even has a chat box so you can talk about what is happening, so no one misses a second of the action.

Start your Netflix Party Now

Lethbridge and District Historical Society

For the history lovers — Lethbridge and District Historical Society have hundreds of historical posts about Lethbridge with amazing photos on their Facebook Page.

Click Here to See Their Facebook Page

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