Local Coffee Shops in Lethbridge

April 2, 2021

Vancouver may be the king of Starbucks, but Lethbridge likes to keep things a little more local.

Ask any resident about the best cafe in Lethbridge, and you’ll get a passionate answer about why their spot –they show up to, day after day – is simply the best in the city.

But don’t worry about favourites, simply pick at random from the list below and you’re bound to find a drink – caffeinated or otherwise – to suit your taste.

Sonders Coffee Bar

 Where to get your caffeine-fix

Most local coffee shops are nested in the south side, but there is still some representation on the north side as well. However, if the west side is where you call home, then you’ll need to hop in the car for a quick drive – unless you prefer Tim Hortons or Starbucks!

The good news is: Lethbridge is small enough that you’re only ever a five to ten-minute (from most areas) drive from all the charming little coffee shops around town.

Plan your next coffee break using our interactive map

The best coffee shops in Lethbridge 

The Penny Coffee House – Downtown Lethbridge

The Penny is Lethbridge’s oldest cafe, serving up good food and great coffee since 1991. Its unique charm lies in its (mostly) unrenovated glory. It looks nearly the same today as the day it first opened – so you can enjoy a dash of nostalgia with your coffee.

The Penny, like many Lethbridge cafes, features its own unique, locally roasted blend you won’t find anywhere else. With their selection of in-house baked goods (for both sweet-tooths and savoury-lovers) and a long list of fresh sandwiches, soups and salads, the Penny is a must-stop on your Lethbridge cafe tour.

To go with your coffee (or London Fog as they’re divine at the Penny):

●       Nanaimo bar

●       Daily homemade soup

●       Creamy dill pasta salad


Bread Milk & Honey – Downtown Lethbridge

The trendiest downtown cafe, BMH (as locals call it) is always bustling. There’s plenty of room to sit inside and out, but beware: this cafe is one of the busiest in the city, so you may have trouble securing a seat.

A lunch counter for downtown denizens, and a cozy atmosphere for those looking to chat, there’s tons of fresh-made food options, along with a wide range of coffees, teas – and a summer-favourite – bubbly Italian sodas.

To go with your coffee:

●       Bacon and egg tartlet

●       Aged cheddar scone

●       Cinnamon bun (bring a friend to share this behemoth with you)

Jundal Coffee

Jundal Coffee –Downtown Lethbridge in Park Place Mall

Right across from Galaxy Cinemas inside Park Place Mall, Jundal Coffee brings its own unique flavour to Lethbridge’s coffee scene. The slightly Asian-inspired decor is emblematic of the cafe at large, combining great coffee with bubble tea and delicious Asian treats.

If you’re in the mall, Jundal is definitely the best place to grab some caffeine, be it a hot cup of joe or a potent espresso drink. The cafe also offers some beans from some of the more well-known Canadian coffee roasters, like Calgary’s Monogram Coffee.

To go with your coffee:

●       A house-made egg tart

●       Bubble tea

●       There is a Mr. Pretzels right in front of Jundal too...


Arise – Downtown Lethbridge

Just west of Galt Gardens, arise is Lethbridge's only fully vegan cafe.  Though there’s not much seating inside, this shop does have the best cafe patio in town, with a view of Galt Gardens!

To go with your coffee:

●       Vegan Doughnuts

●       Taco dip + chips

●       “Milk” shakes


Jonny Bean Coffee – North Lethbridge

Where everybody knows your name! Housed in a heritage building, Jonny Bean is the only independent cafe on the north side and draws in patrons from all over town for their coffee.

Jonny Bean sells and brews coffee from a variety of roasters from B.C., Alberta and beyond, but all their food is made in-house and often from local, farm-fresh ingredients. The Bean also caters to people with dietary restrictions, tempting even those with the most steadfast diets to try something new – and downright delicious.

To go with your coffee:

●       Gluten-free espresso caramel brownie (this coming from those who LOVE gluten)

●       Glory Bowl

●       HLT Bagel Sandwich (vegan option available)


Petal, Paws and Beans – West Lethbridge

Hanging out on the West side of the city? Check out West Lethbridge's only local cafe — Petals, Paws and Beans, is a cute little locally-owned coffee shop! They take great pride in our hand-crafted specialty coffee and teas. They bake in-house treats, make exceptional sandwiches, and serve Foot Hills ice cream year-round!

Be sure to try:

●       Foothills icecream

●       Gluten-free baking

●       Latte

Sonder Coffee Bar

Sonder Coffee Bar – South Lethbridge

Sonder is a small and tasteful coffee shop situated along the busy street of 3rd Ave. South. The cafe arm of a local micro-roaster, Red Engine Coffee, Sonder only brews coffee they’ve chosen and roasted themselves. The fact that they also serve up the best waffles in the city is just gravy – or Hollandaise if you want to get technical.

Sonder’s real strength lies in focussing on doing a few things really well. That means great drinks, a few baked goods and truly excellent house-made Belgium waffles. Offered with a variety of toppings, from sweet to savoury, these lovely waffles can sub in for lunch, or be shared for a sinfully sweet snack.

To go with your coffee:

●       Eggs Benedict Waffles with house-made Hollandaise (available only on Sunday)

●       Espresso Tonic (yes, more coffee!)

●       Savoury or sweet, the waffle is a must-order


Cupper's Coffee & Tea – South Lethbridge

If anyone is kooky for coffee in this city, it’s Cupper’s! Lethbridge’s very first independent coffee roaster, Cuppers is equal parts roaster, specialty store and cafe. Their uber-friendly staff energetically welcomes each customer, and will likely offer you a free cup of joe while you browse their wide selection of coffee and tea-related products.

While there’s no seating or food offered here, you’ll have more than enough to keep you occupied as you sip on your hand-crafted drink. Cupper’s is a huge supporter of other local businesses in and around town and features a massive retail section for you to cruise at your convenience.

Be sure to try:

●       Cafe Cubano

●       London Smog (a delicious Chocolate Pu Erh black tea latte)

●       Italian soda


Frank's Redwood Bodega Cafe — South Lethbridge

Check out a Lethbridge secret! Frank's Redwood Bodega may be off the beaten path, but it boosts tons of fun, creative food! Try a croffle — waffle made with croissant batter — a delicious drink and more!

Be sure to try:

●       Croffle Poutine

●       Stuffed Croffle

●       Latte

Header photo by @cupperscoffee

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