Lethbridge, AB`, CANADA,

The Sentator Buchanan Association (SeBuNA) was officially formed on August 5th, 2014.  A long journey was traveled to get to this formation. During this time, we worked closely with the Senator Buchanan Neighbourhood Watch team to explore the needs and desires of our community. Collaborating with the Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, we learned that our community members desired these 4 main goals for our communtiy.:

Positive change in the neighbourhood 


  • Our Community is  Crowsnest Trail N to 9th Avenue North & 13th St West to the Coulees

A forum to voice their concerns and work with their neighbours & the city to find answers to their concerns.

Social events - Easter Egg hunts, Santa Claus visits, movies in the park.....

A redevelopment plan made with the city to ensure proper greenspaces and services are within our community.

Our mission is to work with the members of our community and our neighbouring communities to help us reach these goals.

The primary goal of the Senator Buchanan Neighbourhood Association is to rejuvenate our community.  How do we plan to succeed in this mission? We will do this by encouraging citizen engagement to create positive change!