Creating living art.

319 6th Street South
Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada,

     Whenever we at Funky Petals order flowers, we will always consider the staples: the stems and blooms that have a place in peoples hearts because they are familiar, and have developed association to sentiment in that sense. But we also think of the idealistic setting -- the kind that makes a person want to buy flowers in the first place. Spring and summer in a vase; that kind of fresh feeling you get when there is a  sweet vase of delicate poppies or ranunculus on the table, or a few sprigs of lavender and lilac. It breathes life into your home and heart! Because, ultimately, that is what flowers are meant to do -- remind you of the simple things: to take a breath, and re-open your eyes and heart to the beauty of what is often taken for granted in our minute by minute, second by second days; they show someone our affection and care, or gift ourselves some TLC.
     Years of being in this profession, the one thing we hear time and time again is, "Why buy flowers -- they don't last." But neither does a gourmet cup of coffee, a night out on the town, or a really good chocolate bar. It's what those items and moments bring -- not a forever aspect of the material kind... Instead, flowers nourish us; they bring us back to center. They nourish us in a more profound way than we often feel we need or deserve, just like that intimate dinner with loved ones, or that comforting hot beverage that allows you to take a moment and breathe. All of those things bring spiritual reward and replenishment. After all, what is life but a compilation of moments? It's like the Grinch -- a daily remedy to grow your heart a couple sizes and fill you up. Flowers are another form of vital heart and soul food!
     That being said, we are Funky Petals. We are a flower shop, and we celebrate all the things that flowers can embody. But beyond that? We want to help our customers celebrate the beauty in all things and occasions, as well as their own personal well being. Flowers offer us the chance to acknowledge the moments that comprise the most important moments in our life, and that's a big deal! So we are going to help them do it with style, grace, and an amazing, high quality product.

We are all wandering, living, breathing, wonders!
So, fellow wonder, treat yourself to some heart and soul food -- Fill up, folks. Fill right up. And know that when you need some flowers, we've got you covered.

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