Lethbridge — Your Milepost to Alaska

The Road to Alaska is an amazing journey with beautiful stops all along the way. Those incredible views, stops and opportunities don't start at Mile 0. Lethbridge, Alberta is at the heart of 4 World Heritage Sites and a great place to start your Canadian drive.

Pictured is the expansive field that the Tipi at the Head-Smashed-In-Buffalo-Jump while the sun sets. the long blades of grass  emit a golden sheen as the sun sets beyond the crest of our horizon. th sky is filled with expansive clouds that break the monotonous bright blue of the sky into fragments.

Attractions—Why RV Through Lethbridge

Did you know that Lethbridge is the hub to 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Or why Japanese royalty has visited Lethbridge many times? Do you know why Oki is the official welcome of Lethbridge? Find the answers in Lethbridge!

A truck is pulling a trailer down the highway on a bright and sunny day. the ruck is black with e white trailer and behind it a farming company can be seen against the mountain ranges backdrop. in front of the car is canola field

RV Services In Lethbridge

What's the first city you'll encounter after crossing into Canada from Montana? If you guessed Lethbridge, you're right! Restock, refuel, tune-up—Lethbridge has the services you need.

Illustrated map of the Alaska Highway routes through Lethbridge, Alberta.

The Alaska Highway Routes

We've put together a few special ways to get to Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. Image rolling foothills with famous ranches. Or how about a line drive north hitting the intensity of Alberta's major cities. Or follow mountain passes past some of the most famous outdoor destinations in the world. Find your favourite!