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There’s a world of food experiences just outside the city of Lethbridge. From the small storefronts of local producers to incredible experiences on family-owned farms; get the full scope of local Lethbridge food and Canada's Food tours.

Cattleman’s Chophouse 

Cattlemen's Chophouse begins with fresh ingredients from local ranchers and farmers. From that perfect starting point, the team of international chefs assemble dishes ranging from classic chophouse fare to international cuisine you cannot get anywhere else. 

Located a mere 20-minute drive outside of Lethbridge in the town of Picture Butte, Cattlemen's Chophouse is the perfect escape while remaining close to home.  Their picturesque patio can transport you to the highest end restaurants in the world biggest cities right in Picture butte!

Not to mention the incredible amount of producers they carry and use in their dishes! Broxburn Vegetables, Broek Pork, Little Gem Winery, and Crystal Springs are just a few to name! With it featuring a large portion of all our rural; producers, its a great one stop shop to get a good mix of all that we have on our sample Itinerary.

From the ranching families who raised cattle here for generations to each meal they serve, Cattlemen's Chophouse is shaped by the culture of the prairies. From the international talent working here to the locally grown ingredients plated in front of you, Cattlemen's Chophouse is truly a farm to fork connection. 

Benchmark Angus 

Benchmark Angus is a multi-generation ranch raising purebred Angus Cattle that ventured into the beef business in 2004. Calving on the ranch in Warner, then feeding at the ranch or local area feedyards and harvesting at their facility in Picture Butte. They are constantly striving to raise the best cattle and produce the best beef available.  

Their goal in beef production has always been to produce the best beef possible. Benchmark Premium Natural Angus Beef is hormone-free and grades AAA and Prime; only then is the beef graced with the label of Benchmark Beef. While you can't buy their beef here, you can find it in and around town! This way, you can truly experience a genuine cattle ranch! 

to find their incredible meats in Lethbridge, try your hand at the Water Tower Grill and Bar, or outside of the city at the Cattleman's Chophouse in Picture butte! if you're looking to go your own way, you can also find their meats for purchase at Mocha Local, as well as any other retailers carrying Ben's Quality Meats!

Broek Pork Acres 

A local family farm that focuses on quality rather than quantity; it's pork with a difference! Broek Pork Acres raises a Heritage Breed Berkshire Pork, known as the "Kobe" Beef of the Pork world. Berkshire Pork is known for its superior taste, juiciness, tenderness, marbling and rich, sweet, flavour - the way pork should taste. They represent the true pasture to plate process, from growing and raising the animals to their slaughtering, processing, and marketing directly to customers.   

While their storefront is not gargantuan, the quality and care of their meats sure is!

All pork is processed on their farm in a provincially inspected processing facility. The result is gluten-free, with no fillers, no added water, and no GMO ingredients pork! You can buy some products in their small storefront, or head to Mocha Local in the city if you're looking for more Broek pork! 

Broxburn Vegetable and Café 

At Broxburn Vegetables, they pride themselves on growing with superior quality fields and greenhouse fruits and vegetables. They are presently operating a 3-acre greenhouse where crops are grown biologically, meaning that natural predators are used instead of spraying chemical pesticides to kill the pests. 

Harvesting vine-ripened tomatoes daily ensures the plant benefits to it's maximum potential. Long English cucumbers, mini cucumbers, eggplant, beans, hot peppers, herbs, and butterleaf lettuce are also grown in the greenhouse. The strawberry and raspberry u-pick operates from the beginning of July until the first frost. 

At the café, they incorporate fresh produce from the greenhouses, field crops, and other local suppliers into their meals, creating an authentic farm-to-table experience. If you can't make it out to the farm, you can try some of their produce at The Italian Table, like the tomatoes in their Caprese Salad!

Crystal Springs Cheese 

Crystal Springs is a labour of love and a family passion. Along with founder Evert, his sons Jacco and Harvey operate the cheese factory. His son Theo runs the dairy farm. Daughters Bernice and Jocelyn also help out in the retail store.  

While the retail store is great, its best you call ahead, because that's how you get the real good stuff. They offer tours of the operation with advanced notice, as well they carry ice cream from foothills creamery and drinks from Little Gem Winery. Not to mention they are just a short drive from the beautiful and scenic Park Lake. If you can't. Make it out directly, then stop in at Cattleman's Chophouse to try some of their incredible cheese!

Within the Crystal Springs factory is also a retail cheese store, designed as the perfect place to kick back, take a break and enjoy some samples or a full-out meal. The store features hot and cold menu items, locally sourced wine, beer and spirits (also available for off-sales), an entire retail space featuring dairy products, and a selection of local and imported dry goods.

Little Gem Winery  

Little Gem isn’t a big wine company. It’s just Joel, Rick and Jordan—two brothers and a best friend. Joel handles the paperwork; Rick gets his hands dirty; Jordan gets the paperwork dirty. It all works out pretty well. While it isn't exactly a place to stop or a storefront to shop, they are carried at most of the restaurant stops on the tour – think Cattleman's Chophouse, The Italian Table, and more!

Their claim to fame, the haskap berry, with they make their wine and cider from, not grapes, is a naturally antioxidant rich super fruit. The berry itself is only grown in the northern hemisphere, and is loved especially in Japan for its incredible health benefits.  

They have been farming in Nobleford, Alberta, for three generations, working hard to build what they have. Little Gem has focused on creating natural, low intervention wines from the very beginning. Instead of including excessive sulphates or other additives, they avoid overprocessing their wines, so the natural notes of the haskap berry shine brightly through. 

 Luco Farms 

Luco Farms is a family-owned business growing award-winning pedigree cereal and oilseed crops since 1937. While they may not be an actual "stop" to go to, you can still find their incredible products at many of the stops on the tour, such as at Cattleman's Chophouse, and even Telegraph Taphouse! Processing mustard grown on the farm is a natural transition to focusing on producing high-quality, fresh mustard products free from artificial colourings, preservatives and other non-value added ingredients.  

Their vision is to provide fresh, “farm to fork” products that professional and home chefs can use to create new and exciting flavour profiles in their cooking. 

Luco Farms’ goal is to provide chefs and home cooks with hand-crafted, stone-ground mustard products that are pure, fresh, and free of additives and preservatives. 

Prairie Hill Farms

The Prairie Hill adventure with haskap berries started nine years ago. Still, owner Rex Vandenberg has been farming since 1991 in the community of Picture Butte, with his children playing critical roles around the farm and in his businesses (Vandenberg Feeders & Windy West Feeders). 

Now, in the current year, operations are bigger and better than ever, with an incredible storefront. Their store front gives visitors a chance to see all the incredible products their magic haskap berries get turned into. from jams, sauces, and juices, to powders, and protein bars there's a great selection of fresh products right inside of their storefront!

Going back to 2013, Rex found a fresh challenge in this new superfruit – the Haskap berry. The great taste and extraordinary health benefits convinced him the haskap was guaranteed to be a hit with bakers and health nuts alike. Together with his wife Marilyn and his children, he founded Prairie Hill Fruits, dedicated to providing the highest quality super fruits to Albertan kitchens and home tables.

Now, in the current year, operations are bigger and better than ever, with an incredible storefront. Their store front gives visitors a chance to see all the incredible products their magic haskap berries get turned into. from jams, sauces, and juices, to powders, and protein bars there's a great selection of fresh products right inside of their storefront!

Wondering where to find some of these amazing producers products? head to our city participants page to find out where in the city you can find products from the producers on our food tour!

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