Maxwell Bates Art Exhibition

Dates & Times:
JAN 17 – MAR 14


Collected by Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Hess: Maxwell Bates 

Join the ULethbridge Art Gallery for their new exhibition of work by Maxwell Bates, collected by Dr. Margaret (Marmie). 

  • JAN 17 – MAR 14
  • Weekdays 9 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Thursdays 9 AM - 8:30 PM
Bates was a Canadian artist, architect and writer internationally known for his painting and printmaking. Bates was a pioneer of the Expressionist movement in Canada which had begun in Europe in the early 20th century and involved using distorted reality to evoke emotion. Bates was born in Calgary, Alberta in 1906 and his early art education came from self-directed reading. Some of his works was shown alongside those of Picasso, Matisse and Kandinsky. 
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